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Forbidden? Hah! (Danae)

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Forbidden? Hah! (Danae) Empty Forbidden? Hah! (Danae)

Post by Amara Jordan on Fri May 01, 2020 12:00 am

What did the staff of this school expect when they went and called a corridor of the castle forbidden when the whole place was completely crawling with teenagers? Of course, they were going to try to sneak in there and see what it's about. There had to be something good down there if it was so forbidden. Either that or something really dangerous. And maybe that was even better? Amara loved a little danger in the morning. She glanced behind her as she made sure that no one was around to notice that she was slipping into the forbidden corridor. That was when she heard the sound of someone moving through the hall, she paused, trying to look inconspicuous.

@Danae Ricci
Amara Jordan
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Forbidden? Hah! (Danae) Empty Re: Forbidden? Hah! (Danae)

Post by Danae Ricci on Fri May 01, 2020 11:42 am

The Slytherin enjoyed sneaking off to the Forbidden corridor due to how she always found the hall to be the type of corridor that was Hogwarts way of shielding them. She also saw it as a way to act like she had all the authority despite only being Quidditch Captain. It was something she still enjoyed, and it was satisfying when she saw someone walking, and she crossed her arms at the sight. Coming into sight, she had spotted the person and she smirked. "Well look who it is Jordan. I reckon your team got that boring that you had to find a way to escape them." she chuckled.

She didn't really hate Amara Jordan, she was just competiion.

@Amara Jordan

she was ambitious and beautiful
Forbidden? Hah! (Danae) Kendallsig
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