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here I am (athena) Empty here I am (athena)

Post by Elijah Clarke on Thu Apr 30, 2020 11:47 pm

Clarke liked to go to the Room of Requirement every now and then, because it gave him peace and often a good place for him to prepare for his monthly change. Even if he often tried to tie himself up in the forest, so that he couldn't hurt anyone, but he had been trying to use Wolfsbane more. Today he was just here to play a game with himself and wanted to do some reading. He could be having fun, but he wanted to do a thing bit different, and he sat and was organizing the balls on the ground. Although the sound of footseps had caused him to look up, and he raised an eyebrow.

"Anyone else here too?" he asked curious, because it was very possible. He didn't mind the company, even if his full intention was trying to be alone up here. He was social, but he also wasn't one to trust people right away if he didn't deem them a certain way. His curiousity left him wondering.

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