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Gentle Hands, Hard Words. (Open)

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Gentle Hands, Hard Words. (Open) Empty Gentle Hands, Hard Words. (Open)

Post by Calliope Hemlock on Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:09 pm

Having only been there for a week or two Calliope had grown bored of her studies and her roommates, deciding instead to take refuge within the greenhouse, of course, it was a little known secret that amongst all the subjects Calliope had a knack for growing things and Herbology was her favourite. Perhaps it was her ability to keep the plants happy or perhaps since she was already dead technically the world decided they'd give her a green thumb to make up for it.

She often times did this late at night or early in the morning and true to that the sun wasn't even up yet the only light within the smaller building was a small lantern Calliope had brought with her that morning. Her hair was tied back and she had a pair of gloves on her belt in case she needed it. She currently was fiddling about with a pot humming softly as she worked. It was one of the few times Calliope allowed herself to truly relax and be calm.

Just as she had finished pouring the dirt into the pot she fished in her pocket for a moment before pulling out a small bag, her wand in the other hand she whispered softly under her breath, "Engorgio" Soon enough the bag itself grew and Calliope pulled out another pot. Smaller than the one in front of her and within it held the starting of a Baneberry plant.

Gentle as she moved the plant from the smaller pot to the bigger one she had just finished repotting it when she heard someone enter the room. The door made a soft noise as it was pushed open and within seconds Calliope had spun on her heels staring the new person in the eyes as she narrowed her own. "Can I help you?" She was quiet but it was clear the Slytherin was very annoyed that someone had entered the greenhouse, it was early and she was typically out before the teacher entered for the day.

So who and why was this person here so early in the morning. She truly didn't want to deal with anyone, let alone someone when she was supposed to be just working away on her plants. She stared at the person crossing her arms, the pot directly behind her, out of view but not fully hidden, She waved her hand, gesturing for the person to get on with it.

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