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Another day of the same {OPEN}

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Another day of the same {OPEN} Empty Another day of the same {OPEN}

Post by Raphael Krupnik on Tue Apr 28, 2020 3:49 am

Rafe slouched as much as one could on a bench at the Slytherin table. He was bored! Normally he would talk someone into making bets with him on the outcome of the Sorting. This year, there was none and it proved to be a yawn fest. He was barely listening to the opening speech by the Headmistress. Snorting when she stated as if to 'remind' them, "...no drugs or alcohol, don't go into the Forbidden Forest unsupervised."

"In other words, another boring year without anything interesting in the slightest," he sighed. There were times the teen wondered why he bothered coming back to school year after year. It wasn't as if he was legally obligated to attend. There had been a time he'd been tempted to get himself tutored or apprenticed in order to avoid having to behave as he was told. In other words, monotonous without any variance. It was a shame that reminder was stated. Some of the student body were much more interesting and entertaining under the influence. Then again, he was sure that some entertainment value could be had if he put his mind to it. A contemplative look crossed his face as he glanced over the new Slytherins.

Another day of the same {OPEN} UNw5U7o
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