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profile testing
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Fugue State [JCINK]
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Fugue State [JCINK]
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Jcink Move!
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Better Off Dead (Tabby)
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keeping up with the- (cartwrights)
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Renacida RPG (JCINK Premium)
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take the time ((open))
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sweet ((open))
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sexual orientation
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blood purity
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  • by James Potter Mon Apr 27, 2020 10:42 amPermalink

    1. Register as your character's first and last name. First Last.

    2. No godmodding, metagaming, powerplay here. Don't take control of someone else's character, do not assume your character knows something IC that you (the player) know OOC. Play fair and be nice to one another.

    3. No character limits! This may change in the future, but for now let your imagination run wild.

    4. When it comes to the topic of face claims, we are extremely lax on who and who cannot be used. We don't allow those who have asked not to be used as face claims nor do we accept the use of people you randomly found on the Internet as face claims. This gives you plenty of options from athletes, actors, musicians, models, public figures, etc. When it comes to the usage of Internet celebrities, we just ask that they have something to show their stardom whether it's an official site, Wikipedia article, IMDB, etc. We have no 5-/5+ rule. We just ask you have common sense. For example, 90s Leonardo DiCaprio can pass as a student. Present day Leonardo DiCaprio can't. As long as they have pictures that fit whatever age you want them to be, go for it.

    5. The rating is 3/2/3, there will be dark topics in regards to violence and cussing. If a thread is steering towards sex though, you'll need to fade to black. Despite the rating, we are a 16+ community so those younger than 18 are able to have a place to get comfortable with roleplaying.

    6. Diversity is highly encouraged! Creativity and fresh ideas are encouraged!

    7. Pregnancy plots! We have a new rule that you're only allowed TWO pregnancy plots (per member) going on at one time. Once your character gives birth IC, this resets. This is just to ensure we don't have too many going on at one time.

    8. Avatars are at max 150x150. Doesn't matter if they're gifs or actual icons as long as they're not too flashy. They will resize automatically, so don't worry too much about linking from an external site as long as it's not from one of the unadvised hosts.

    9. Bullying and harassment is a straight ban. Treat others nicely and kindly. If you have any issues with another member, please contact one of the admins immediately. We want this to be a place where people feel comfortable.

    10. Admins have the final say on anything not listed. Please respect the admins' decisions on anything related to the site.  

    11. Most importantly, have fun! Roleplaying is supposed to be fun after all.

    CBOX Rules

    1. No spamming, advertising, trolling, extremely foul language.

    2. Be nice on the CBOX. Treat others as you expect to be treated, if not better! We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind.

    3. If we feel you are neglecting these rules, you will be banned.

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