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so it is (aeris)

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so it is (aeris) Empty so it is (aeris)

Post by Niall Maguire on Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:31 pm

"If ye can't get what someone's sayin', just nod and say 'aye, so it is' until they shut up and move on."

He knocked on the door.

It was exciting to have Aeris come to a muggle party, especially in Belfast and only up the road from his own house. Honestly, he wasn't sure what she'd make of it. Maybe she'd hate it. A lot of people were going to want to talk to her, and quite a lot of those people would want to close the conversation with some kind of sexual proposition.

He'd look after her.

A girl answered. "Oh, it's you. Get in here, ya wee dick." Apparently that was a greeting of endearment, because they laughed and hugged. "Who's thus?"

"This is Aeris. Aeris this is Orlaith."

"Aye whabat ye? Curmin."

Niall whispered: "Remember what I said." Then went into the house.
Niall Maguire
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so it is (aeris) Empty Re: so it is (aeris)

Post by Aeris Sung on Sat Apr 18, 2020 2:38 pm

"Am I allowed to knee someone in the bollocks if it gets too creepy?" Aeris wondered assuming the answer might as well be next. Irish accents were thick, and she was lucky to have adjusted to Niall's so quickly. How worse could a muggle's accent get?

She was like a deer in headlights already seeing how everyone else seemed to have known each other. What did he tell her again?

"Aye, it is yes."

@Niall Maguire

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Aeris Sung
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