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the house we built (natalia)

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the house we built (natalia) Empty the house we built (natalia)

Post by Ravi Rana on Sun Mar 22, 2020 2:53 pm

Ravi couldn't understand it. At this time, someone from the label or his agent would have contacted him by now telling him the plans for the week but he'd received no such communication. He found himself sat in his house - alone in the afternoon - dressed to make some kind of public appearance but not actually going anywhere. Instead he was having a bowl of kids cereal where the snap, crackle and pop actually appeared like some miniature war zone. He liked the high sugar content.

He supposed Nat was doing some kind of shoot, or was out with her friends, so he couldn't moan to her about it. Unfortunately. He always wanted someone to pity him, really.

They'd been living together for a few months now, and to this point it had worked quite well. They weren't always in one another's faces because they had separate schedules, and when they did see each other, it was kind of nice. They were just like a normal couple, really. But right now, he didn't really want her to come home and see him looking so pathetic...

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