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Ravi Rana Empty Ravi Rana

Post by Ravi Rana on Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:07 pm

Ravi Rana Ravi2


Name: Ravi Rana
Nicknames: None
Titles: None
Date of Birth: 29th June, 2002
Age: 19
Blood Status: Squib
Hometown: Kidderminster, England
Current Home: Kidderminster, England
Nationality: British
School: Muggle education
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: None


Hair Color: Dark brown / Black
Hair Style: Short(ish), thick, natural wave
Eye Color: Dark brown
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 5'10"
Other Distinguishing Features: Pearly whites
Clothing Style: Never has his shirt done up on stage. Wears what he is told to wear by his record label. Is given a 'dream boy idol' type persona.


Ravi has his stage presence, which, in three years of being famous, has devoured part of his identity. That being said, he is quite different when off stage and away from the media. He is actually quite a moody and pessimistic sort of person; constantly striving for perfection and further success. That's not to say he is greedy or shallow: he just has it in his head that he needs to exceed expectations in everything in life, to prove some self-fulfilling prophecy. He fails to recognise that, in this day and age, Squibs are quite widely accepted. He is stubborn and self-absorbed in a way that he always feels the victim and constantly short changed.

Ravi tends to overlook his good qualities. He is a very loving boyfriend, but believes that her happiness is obtained with meaningless gifts and expensive getaways. He is a caring person, but often goes about things in the wrong way. His determination is not always driven by the need to succeed, but to feel good about himself. He likes a good home environment, enjoys 'making peace' and often questions others if they seem upset. Despite his seemingly 'flashy' lifestyle, he actually quite likes spending time sat on the sofa, watching television and binge eating.

The minimalism approach certainly isn't his style. He loves to decorate his home with excessive photos, trinkets and memoirs, and has the habit of hoarding things of symbolic meaning. You could say he was slightly superstitious. Just don't ask him to actually clean any of these things: he couldn't think of anything worse than spending time doing menial tasks.


Born to a loving, close-knit family extended by generations of aunts, cousins, grandparents and people he sometimes forgets the name of; Ravi, the fifth son, was a squib. He was never treated differently for it, at least not by his own family. Family friends would avoid the subject as though repelled by poles, and the word squib was often unbearable to say. It was either mouthed, or said in an undertone, or a sentence that trailed away half-way through: With your son being a... well.

It was accepted, but it wasn't embraced. It made people uncomfortable, or ask impertinent questions.

So, can you like, see stuff we can or are you like a muggle?

Something Ravi did enjoy about being a squib, was that he had his very own thing to talk about. The majority of his family were clueless when it came to anything muggle, and nowadays they're all clicking away on their phones. His brothers and sisters had the same education: Hogwarts. They all went to Hogsmeade. They all visited the same shops. Meanwhile, Ravi had the thrill of riding the train to London, exploring Bond Street and Hatton Gardens; those tiny, nifty little boutiques in soho that smell of pipe smoke. He liked the muggle world, but it was so much more vast than the magical.

He had muggle friends, sort of. Most of them knew he was hiding something, and got annoyed by his blatant secrecy. Why can't we go back to your house? He was poor at giving excuses.

No matter how much connection he had established to the muggle world, it was still the magical he was drawn to. It was where his family were: where they lived and thrived and where his siblings made their parents proud. His parents tried to give him the same sort of praise; but he couldn't help feeling like the one you just pat on the shoulder, say their work is beautiful, just so they're not sitting in a nothing leaves this room room and blasting off about how their parents rejected them.

Ravi's rise to fame in the magical world began when he was just thirteen. Although not really being into music, Ravi's Mother suggested a way of interacting with wizards was by attending open mic events. He had a good voice. Slowly he gained popularity in the events, until a record label approached him at the age of sixteen. At this point he had met his long-term girlfriend and his life took some drastic changes.

The amount of time he was spending at home became scarce: the record label wanted him as a fresh face, and were willing to give him everything: songs, lyrics, music; all he had to do was turn up and look good. He admitted: sometimes it was exhausting. The types of songs they had him perform were not necessarily good: they were just up with the times, and they could put his pretty face behind them.

Pop Idol.

Others constantly warned him that his career would be short-lived. As much as he found the business frustrating at times, his stubbornness kept him in line; telling him that this was the life he wanted.

Now there's been a recent spanner in the works, maybe it's time for Ravi to consider a new direction.
Ravi Rana
Alias : Violet
Posts : 16
Blood Status : Squib
Occupation : Singer
Sexual Orientation : Heterosexual
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Faction : Neutral
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Ravi Rana Empty Re: Ravi Rana

Post by Victoire Weasley on Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:28 pm


Ravi Rana Giphy
Victoire Weasley
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