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Prinkipas Nereus

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Prinkipas Nereus  Empty Prinkipas Nereus

Post by Guest Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:51 pm

Prinkipas Nereus  Image-placeholder

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthbas
Name: Nereus
Nicknames: Prince or Prinkipas. Prefers Ner.
Titles: Prince
Date of Birth: 27th November
Age: 20
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Greece
Current Home: Greece or the Sea
Nationality: Greek
School: Homeschooled
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Wand: Birch, Pegusus wing feather and serpent scale, 13", Sturdy. Nereus' wand is a dark blue, looking almost black until the sun shines on it and it has his family's crest on it. He's able to turn his wand into a large Triton.

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthappe
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Hair Style: Curly, long
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Body Type: Muscular
Height: 6'1
Other Distinguishing Features: Apart from his long, black tail that is longer than his body, he only has a few scars from where sharks have playfully fought him but other than that, he has nothing but royal markings on his body to show to other merfolk that he is a royal.
Clothing Style: He likes to stay topless with a chain around his neck with a long shark tooth that belonged to a dear friend of his who died due to someone having hunted him. He also has golden gauntlets. On land, he wears fashionable but casual clothes.

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthper
Nereus is known to be quite blunt, his attitude and sharp temper being his main flaws but he can get quite shy, awkward even when it comes to social activities with new people but after a while of talking, he gets more comfortable and willingly makes conversations to more his speed. Whilst Artemis is known as the Royal Rebel, he considers himself different as well as despite his deep love for the ocean, he does enjoy the warmness of the land above. Especially their addictive cigarettes. He's completely addicted to smoking, but only secretly. His parents have no clue about his human like addiction and neither do his siblings as he would often say he's exploring to find a possible female but instead go on land and smoke on the comforts of the beach. He ventures further but not for long, enjoying the silkiness of the water against his skin way more than the different climate changes of the land. Despite his 'gentle' personality, often referred to as a gentle giant, Nereus is a warrior, as well as a prince. His triton is merely an extension of his arm and he will fight for his family.

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthfam
Father's Name: Later
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood - Merman
Occupation: King
Status: Living

Mother's Name: Later
Age: Unknown
Blood Status/Species: Pureblood - Mermaid
Occupation: Queen
Status: Living

Khione, Sister, Living, Princess. 18
Artemis, Sister, living, princess. 16
Pandora, Sister, living, Princess. 14
Kosmos, Half Brother, living. No Title. 23

Children: N/A

Spouses/Partners: N/A

Pets: Ghost, Great White Shark, 4, Living. Is more of a best friend.

Other Key Members: N/A

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthhist
Nereus is the eldest child in the Royal Family, his eldest brother is only half related and that causes him to have no connection to the throne. Like any other merperson, he spent the first year of his life on land so that he becomes healthy and strong enough to swim in the sea. The moment he did, he became one with the sea and is hesitant to leave. At a young age, he's always been informed on the fact that he will one day take over the throne and he refused to admit that he was truly terrified to become King when he had barely lived and explored the world he adored.

As he got older, Nereus made it clear that he will live first and explore the land he would one day rule and whilst their mother refused, his father agreed on his deal, as long as he takes over at the age of 30, and as long as he finds a bride before hand. The last part shocked him, not likely the idea of being tied down as he was a free spirit, much like the sea around him. So unpredictable. He then found his friend, Ghost, who was a shark and due to him being a merman, he was able to communicate and he found someone who he would gladly travel with. However, Nereus did like the occasional trip to Land and became addicted to a Human vice; smoking. His mother would surely have a fit if she knew and he felt as though she'd blame Kosmos and Artemis, the more rebellious sister and would probably force him to spend more time with Khione, who he thought was more like their mother than the rest of the siblings. He loved his mother but her protective and overbearing nature was the one thing that would surely keep him away.He's currently now travelling with Ghost, using the other creatures of the sea to occasionally send artefacts he finds in sunken ships to his family to show he is okay.

Prinkipas Nereus  Ruthfamhist
As they don't have a surname, many merfolk tend to refer to them as vasilikí oikogéneia which is Greek for royal family. They have had control over their part of the Mediterranean for over 6 centuries, which is quite impressive due to how royal families often switched around back in ancient times due to a lack of order. Not much is historically known about the bloodline other than when they had come into power. Although historical records can be contradicting depending on who authored them, it is to be believed that the family had earned power to the throne in the midst of a civil war.

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Prinkipas Nereus  Empty Re: Prinkipas Nereus

Post by Guest Mon Aug 22, 2016 8:32 pm

Prinkipas Nereus  Tomaccepted

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