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Zebedee Baptist

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Zebedee Baptist Empty Zebedee Baptist

Post by Zebedee Baptist on Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:03 pm

Zebedee Baptist Tumblr_mg0b8iApK81s0uuv7o2_r1_500


   Name: Zebedee Michael Baptist
   Nicknames: Zeb
   Titles: N/A
   Date of Birth: January 12, 1997
   Age: 24
   Blood Status: Pureblood
   Hometown: ...Somewhere
   Current Home: Hogsmeade
   Nationality: British
   School: Hogwarts (Hufflepuff alum)
   Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
   Wand: Cedar, unicorn tail hair, 10"


   Hair Color: Ginger
   Hair Style: Long, somewhat well-managed
   Eye Color: Brown
   Body Type: Slim but slightly muscular
   Height: 5'8
   Other Distinguishing Features: Some faded scars attained over the years due to work injuries
   Clothing Style: Very practical. Denim, cottons, etc.


Zebedee is notable for how hard-working he is; it was jammed into his brain from a young age as he had to make his family money. This taught him to cope with adversity from a young age to the point of being passive and just going with it in the situation of being overworked. Better off making more than ending up with too little. Despite his tendency to go with the flow, he is often skeptical of the opportunities he is offered and sticks to the same old white collar, physical labor jobs he had become accustomed to. This also means he is extremely loyal to bosses he feels stable working for. Life is work, work, work to him.


   Poverty. That isn't a situation a vast amount of pureblood families find themselves in. A tarnished reputation - even worse than the Weasleys. No gold. No imported furs. No lavish parties. No connections. No connections. That immediately screws over the people who've hardly lived. The people who hardly knew the world. The children. Miriam and Zebedee. It was a miracle that their Hogwarts tuitions were already paid for. Irresponsible parents. Work. Work ended up being all Zebedee knew. Being the boy, it would make no sense to send his older sister to be the breadwinner for the family. His first job ended up being at a factory for the production of cauldrons. How glamorous. When Azazel came, he hardly knew him. He didn't have the longing his older sister had to look for him as he was never around to even attempt to bond with the unwanted child.

When he began his studies at Hogwarts, he ended up being sorted in Hufflepuff. He was also feared to be a squib due to his weak magical abilities. It was his luck that his was minimum enough to get through Hogwarts; he always felt a disconnect to the use of magic. He was just too practical for it. Zebedee fell out of contact with his entire family following his graduation from Hogwarts. All of his attention and energy would be in the workforce getting whatever odd jobs he could get his hands on. Maybe one of these days he'll realize his worth...

Zebedee Baptist Tumblr_opfqaiUhOs1rjq4gso9_400Zebedee Baptist Tumblr_opfpsl44XS1rjq4gso2_400
Zebedee Baptist
Alias : Xaria
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Zebedee Baptist Empty Re: Zebedee Baptist

Post by Louis Weasley on Wed Jan 22, 2020 12:42 pm

Louis Weasley
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