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voyage, voyage (aqua, open)

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voyage, voyage (aqua, open) Empty voyage, voyage (aqua, open)

Post by Leonides Belvedere on Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:41 pm

Sadie was meeting with a proprietor about a possible lease in Diagon, so she had left baby Archer in the care of Leo's parents for the afternoon.

Although she probably didn't trust him to, Leo wanted to prove to Sadie that he was responsible with the kid. That, and he was sick of only seeing the interior of the house and the Wiki Wiki Shack where he worked. He invited his sister Aquamarine to accompany him, and two-month-year-old Archer in the pram, to Blackrock sea front during the beach party that summer.

As he pushed the pram along, he noticed a lot of girls were eyeing him up. Way more than they used to. Was it the 'responsible Dad' thing? He went to the spot where he had arranged to meet Aqua, and gazed around the area. Maybe he'd see someone from school here as well.

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voyage, voyage (aqua, open) Empty Re: voyage, voyage (aqua, open)

Post by Aquamarine Belvedere on Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:22 pm

Aqua was surprised when her brother had asked her help to babysit his kid. She didn't know that much about kids either, she had ever held only Archer as a baby on her hands before. She has never held any other babies. She wasn't sure where Sadie was but she didn't really ask about it either.

She was very much aware of how things were between Leo and Sadie. She has heard both sides of stories by now. She has stayed neutral on this. It's the best she could do here now.

She soon reached where they were supposed to meet and soon she walked over them. "Hey, Leo," she said with a small smile to the boy. She looked into the pram and smiled. There was the baby Archer, someone who even Aqua had ended up liking. She didn't spoil him as their parents did. She didn't get why they needed to do all that.  

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