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Astraea Black

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Astraea Black Empty Astraea Black

Post by Astraea Black on Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:21 pm

Astraea Black Original


   Name: Astraea Rosalie Black
   Nicknames: Straea
   Titles: N/A
   Date of Birth: June 23, 1996
   Age: 24
   Blood Status: Half-blood
   Hometown: Somewhere in America
   Current Home: England
   Nationality: American
   School: Ilvermorny (Thunderbird alum)
   Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
   Wand: Oak, dragon heartstring, 9", springy


   Hair Color: Dark brown
   Hair Style: Medium-longish, often with some waves
   Eye Color: Brown
   Body Type: Curvy
   Height: 5'5
   Other Distinguishing Features:
   Clothing Style: Provocative - very into fishnets and anything that accentuates her figure


  Astraea, through and through, is promiscuous. That is something that isn't remotely a big deal to her and just feels innate. She is quite persuasive when it comes to getting what she wants and tends to be cunning when it comes to her motives. With almost everything she does, there's an ulterior motive to it. However, she's generally pretty friendly due to the importance of having connections in a cut-throat society. Once Astraea feels she can genuinely trust someone, she gets loyal.  She is driven, partly by her sex drive, when it comes to any objective she feels a need to achieve.


  I was my parents' pride and joy. They'd often enter me into various contests in hopes of winning money as they considered me to be the most beautiful baby ever born. Of course, every fell for that hook line and sinker. My family didn't even have to try either. If they knew we were descendants of Voldemort, then everything would be over. We were fortunate that we didn't look like we could be Riddles, we were fortunate to have had the Black name instead.

I still am my parents' pride and joy. They believe I handle and carry the Black name and heritage well and dear old however many-great-grandfather Tom Riddle would be oh, so proud of me. What isn't there for them to be proud of? I won the genetic lottery with my looks, I won the genetic with the family I was born into, and I won the genetic lottery by being provided the greatest of resources growing up.

When they heard me speaking to a snake as if I understood it, they made a big deal of it. My parents considered me blessed for having inherited such an ability. To them, it made me even more special than I already was. I absolutely loved it.

Soon enough, I had a major rite of passage every wizarding child should: a letter to a prestigious school like Ilvermorny. My parents already figured I was magical due to being able to speak parseltongue, so they definitely wouldn't worried about the possibility of me being a squib. Luckily, I wasn't a squib. I'd rather be dead if I was one.

Like most in both of my families, I was sorted into Thunderbird, that's Slytherin for Americans. Needless to say, my parents were very proud of me. I did pretty well in my classes, mainly ones that didn't contain foolish Wampuses as classmates. Academics were never the biggest focus for me, especially once I discovered boys and other girls. What else could I do?

It didn't bother my parents at all, especially as they'd rather force any sort of major heir responsibilities onto my younger siblings. They thought I could do no wrong, even if it was the most reprehensible. That, my friends, was my hook line and sinker. I grew up rather quickly, something that was inevitable with a cousin as influential as Delilah. Whenever we were together, we'd often hunt for guys together, she'd tell me which girls were easy. I'd help her buy toys and anything else I can with my parents paying no mind. It was a very helpful, beneficial dynamic we had to each other.

I came into school a lady, I exited school as a woman. That can be interpreted any kinds of way, but it was the best way I can describe my formative years. With the skills I've learned, I'm able to turn tricks to get whatever I want. Nobody has stopped me yet, and I don't want them to. Sex addict this, sex addict that. Who cares? It's my survival method, and it works.

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Astraea Black
Alias : Xaria
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Astraea Black Empty Re: Astraea Black

Post by Indigo Macmillan on Tue Dec 17, 2019 12:32 pm

Indigo Macmillan
University Student
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