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Post by Celeste Wong on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:26 pm

ChangelingsFae Touched Out there in a realm beyond the one we inhabit, filled with terrifying creates known as the Fae. They trick, coerce and steal people from our world to gain their servants within their realm, and you are one of the ones that have gotten stolen away to the realm of the Fae, Arcadia. Now, your time in Arcadia has changed you, reformed you to the liking of your captor. After a long time stuck there, you have finally come back home, only to not recognize the face in the mirror.

All is not bad though, as with your time in Arcadia has also given you advantages, generally in line with the ways you were changed. Then there are the general advantages you have gained, like Glamor, the way in which you look human to Muggles. Wizards have to focus on you to see through your Glamor, so for the most part, Changelings can pass within wizarding society.

Changelings are a paranoid sort, tending to band together in little found families in fear of the Fae coming back to take them once again. They easily find compatriots in other creatures and like minded wizards, though the more preadjust wizards view them as omens of their own kidnapping by the fae.
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