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Post by Celeste Wong on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:25 pm

Nymphsspirits of natureIn ancient Greek mythology, these beings were connected to the gods and seen as mini-deities so to speak. They are frequently depicted as young maidens intrinsically connected to nature and were worshiped for bringing fertility and beauty to the lands they occupied. As the world became increasingly more modern and industrialized, their homes vanished.

Nowadays, they blend in with plain, regular humans except that when you look at or pass by one, you may wind up with an otherworldly feeling almost as if you're unable to believe that's a living person. Ethereal, akin to veela, nymphs still hold their innate yearning for nature. This manifests in being unusually into plants, water, fresh air, etc. They may end up as the overly enthusiastic global warming protester down the street. They may end up as your neighborhood botanist who seemingly knows everything about plants.

Contrary to popular belief, nymphs are located just about anywhere on Earth. Globalization over the past millennia has allowed for the population to grow and, relatively speaking, flourish overtime.

Most, if not all, nymphs today are all descended from the ones written about in ancient times.

Characteristics & Abilities
Enhanced Beauty
Enhanced Senses
Limited control over nature (Diluted somewhat overtime when mixing with humans occurred)
Decelerated Aging (Mortal)

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