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hanging on the telephone ((one-shot))

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hanging on the telephone ((one-shot)) Empty hanging on the telephone ((one-shot))

Post by Harrison Jetson on Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:35 am

It was the late 70's, and all Harrison wanted to listen to was Muggle disco music. Despite his young age of 13, he would often sneak out of his father's place in England to try to go to all of the discotheques in London. What else was he supposed to do when he didn't have siblings close to his age? All of his older siblings are centuries older and his one or two younger siblings don't even really have memories yet! He craved something that would make him feel normal for once in his life. It was hard being normal as a half-vampire trying to hide the vampire from authorities, as a Gryffindor who dared venture in more dark corners, and as someone who just wanted to be different from family. It didn't help matters much that his own family name was ripped from a Muggle cartoon just so he could be enrolled in school.

Didn't it hurt to not have an actual name?

He honestly couldn't wait until he was out of Hogwarts. He would finally be independent. He could do his own thing. He can go to live in the Muggle world where nobody knew him.

Harrison approached the entrance of the club wearing his best dance clothing; it was pretty hard to come up with something when just about all of his clothing at home were robes, but he felt as if he did a pretty decent job scavenging for what he could. This time, little did he knew, he would be introduced to something that would change his life.

Once he had gotten the approval to enter, Harrison glanced at his surroundings hoping he presented himself well enough that people wouldn't tell that he was some 13 year old. He stopped in his tracks seeing a clothing style that reminded him heavily of punk. Who were these people?

He slowly made his way towards the group of people trying to not seem creepy. It had been a while since he last entered this club in particular. "How did you do your hair?!" Harrison asked a woman finding the style to be amazing."It's bad!"

The woman looked over at Harrison and responded, "Lots and lots of hairspray."

Smiling, he responded, "Cool!" He suddenly felt a gnawing need to grow his hair out so he could do the same; Harrison had kept it short as it was what he had seen and it was the thing to do. "Who's performing tonight?"

"Some local band. Won't know if they're good until after. Ever listened to The Cure?"

Harrison shook his head no. He was used to whatever was quite mainstream in the Muggle world, but he figured that since she looked cool, The Cure must be cool too. He watched as the woman pulled out a cassette tape and gave it to him. "Why are you giving me this?"

"I just have a feeling you'd like it. I can buy myself another copy anyway."

He blushed sheepishly responding, "Thanks. Um, what's your name?!" Damn his hormones! He knew damn well he never had a chance, but he would never forget her.


Summer 1984

Harrison had barely been out of Hogwarts, but he was already experiencing the sweet taste of freedom. He had no clue if his family would eventually figure out where he was, but he was going to enjoy all the time he could spend.

Donned in dark eyeshadow and lips with long locks past his shoulders, Harrison entered The Batcave wondering what new acts he could discover; he fully immersed himself in the Goth lifestyle to the best of his ability after he listened to The Cure that one time all those years ago. Hell, he even enjoyed Nina Hagen as he found the vocals to be so unique.

He looked around once he managed to get into the club finding himself entranced by the music, but all he wanted was someone to talk to. If he was going to live in the Muggle world full time, he needed to make like-minded friends. Here, nobody knew here. Here, nobody would realize he's half-vampire. Here, he would fit in. That was all he ever wanted.

Swaying to the music, he made his way around he club making small talk with whoever ended up in his direction that seemed interested. Harrison found himself feeling more at ease than he ever did in the Gryffindor common rooms after his house won a game.

"Hey!" he greeted as he began dancing with a woman. Harrison looked at her and realized it was Susan. "Susan!"

She saw Harrison and wondered, "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"You got me in to The Cure!" Harrison gave a wide smile.

"I did, didn't I? You must've been that kid a few years back. 1979 I'm thinking?"

"Sure was."

"I must say, you're quite handsome."

"I never forgot you, you know?"

"I know."
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