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Isabel Burke

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Isabel Burke Empty Isabel Burke

Post by Isabel Burke on Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:36 pm

Isabel Burke Tumblr_pdd810p73L1rc9mw1o1_1280


Name: Isabel Burke
Nicknames: Isa
Date of Birth: July 10th
Age: 18
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: England
Current Home: England
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 9 1/8" Hornbeam with Basilisk Skin Core

Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Long, relatively straight
Eye Color: Blue Green
Body Type: Slender
Height: 5'2
Other Distinguishing Features: n/a
Clothing Style: Jeans and t-shirts on a normal day, practical shoes that are comfortable enough to move around in.


Isabel is a bundle of contradictions, honestly. She is shy, not trying very hard to get herself involved in things despite the fact that she loves people and wants to be included. She is stubborn, she believes in making her own choices about her life and won't let others make them for her. On the other hand, she often has to have her friends talk her into doing fun or daring things that she normally ends up enjoying immensely. She isn't necessarily a leader but is more content to follow unless those she is following go against the grain of her beliefs, then she has no problem stepping out on her own. She is a bit insecure, but has an adventurous nature and a desire to learn things that no one has ever learned before, to find things that no one has ever found before.


Being born the second child and the first daughter of the Burke family, she was raised with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was doted on and spoiled as a child. One would think that would make her want to follow the ways that her parents set forth for her but that wasn't at all the case. It always made her ill to her stomach when they would sit around and talk about their involvement in the wizarding war, about how she had fought against the mudbloods and their sympathizers, of how they had tortured people who didn't deserve it.

It made her physically ill. But she could never speak out because she was afraid of her family. They scared her above all else. She was a fragile child, one who had her own opinions but knew better than to air them. So, she just kept her head down and tried to keep to herself even when with her own family, she just didn't have the backbone to speak out against them even in the privacy of their own home. She feared they would use the curses she had heard them speak of on her as well. And they thought her to be just the perfect little demure daughter that they would marry off easily.

The first disappointment came when she was not sorted into Slytherin as her parents had been. Instead, she was sorted into Ravenclaw and her parents weren't all too happy for it. Add to that the fact that she hadn't been given the option of having her own wand choose her but instead she had been passed down a family heirloom that apparently didn't like her in the least. It took her months to get it to do anything. Once she did finally get it to work for her, she had to work so much harder than her peers to catch up. For a while it had her thinking that she didn't belong within her house at Hogwarts either. She was beginning to think she didn't belong anywhere.

It was only when she had started dating a boy in her seventh year who was a muggleborn that her parents learned that she was even less what they wanted her to be. She still has no idea how they found out but the howler she received was nothing short of mortifying. Of course, they never actually said why they were so upset, they didn't want the entirety of the school to know why they were sending the howler, their views were still very frowned upon and they had barely escaped persecution for their roles in the war. But Isabel knew.

Soon after that, when she went home for Christmas break, they had sprung the news on her. She was promised to be married to some boy who they had chosen. And she was just sure that he was going to be horrible. She didn't take the time to find out, though. They kept his identity a surprise, saying that she would meet him when she came home for the summer after graduation. She had no idea if she even knew him already or not. She knew nothing about him except that she doubted that her parents would choose someone decent. So, she rebelled for the first time in her life.

When she graduated, she went to stay with a friend instead of going home. Her parents sent her owl after owl, threatening her. Then finally, she received the owl saying that she was no longer welcome home. She was on her own, she was no longer considered a part of the Burke family. Which made things difficult. She had been accepted into college, planning to study to be a Curse Breaker but now she had no idea where she would get the money for tuition, for a place to live, for anything. But she was determined to make it anyway. She would do whatever she had to in order to make it through and get where she wanted to be in life.
Isabel Burke
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Post by Penelope Skeeter on Mon Nov 18, 2019 3:52 pm

Penelope Skeeter
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