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Astra Montgomery

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Astra Montgomery Empty Astra Montgomery

Post by Astra Montgomery on Tue Nov 12, 2019 9:16 pm

Astra Montgomery Original


Name: Astra Montgomery
Nicknames: Nope
Titles: nope
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: True age unknown, goes by 15 though
Blood Status: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Current Home: Hogwarts
Nationality: Unknown
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Wand: Rowan wood, Chimera Scale, 9’5 inchs, Sturdy


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Usually down but is sometimes seen as being put up into a ponytail or bun, always straight through.  
Eye Color: Light Blue
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5’4
Other Distinguishing Features: Nope
Clothing Style: Simple but soft, normally sporting soft colours and a softer overall look, but with touches are a rougher edge, from pastel skirts and shirts to wearing a leather jacket it's very mixed but typically soft.


To the outside world she is soft, kind, quiet but overall unknown, Astra was never one to create a scene, coming into Hogwarts unknown, a family name that was too common to track down, overall one word describes Astra. Unknown.

Sure she is seen as soft and quiet, always ready to lend a helping hand, making small first years feel better when they are homesick, she's been known to bake the best cookies at midnight to help people feel better. It's like she knows your sad before you do, ready with a blanket and freshly baked cookies, always with a calming smile. You just feel...warm when she's around.

Astra is also always able to find in one of two places, her room or out by the lake. People in her house comment all the time to the first years that Astra is like their doctor like she has a way with the elements to make just the right potions to heal any injury. Sometimes it’s almost like all their drinking water.

Curious, always naturally curious she is ready to face any challenge, still unknown to many that she is facing the hardest challenge of all, finding herself.  She may be ready to help anyone at the drop of a hat but as the other students will tell you, she is often a mystery to them. No one even knows where she goes during summer break, they just know she isn’t at school. No letters or anything, Astra is a beautiful rose cover in thrones, hidden away and hard to reach. No one is quite sure who she truly is.

But then again, does anyone ever truly know who anyone is. The students of Hogwarts and even the staff have accepted that Astra just...is Astra, a kind, gentle soul who would never harm anyone but yet...is protective of the people and she almost seems to sometimes look scary like she is something they’ve never seen.

Something they don't want to see.

A mystery and a soft petal, kind and gentle yet, scary and unknown.

What is Astra you ask?

An unknown.


”Astra...ya I know her, why? Oh..um well I can tell you what everyone else knows about her I guess, Why are you so interested in Astra by the way? Doesn’t matter...Okay than? Well, she came in the middle of the first year, well her first year, my third year, it was storming that night, so bad that some teachers were scared the glass would break but then in the distance after a lighting strike this tiny kid comes outta nowhere. Soaked to the bone the teachers ran to fetch her. She was sick for three days and three nights. Coughing, puking, the whole school was curious those days, when she finally got better the teachers told us nothing, just sorted her and that was the end”

Astra Montgomery, a bonafide mystery. Just who was this girl, the girl that came out of a rainstorm, out of a lighting strike some would say. She never talks about that night, if you ask her she’ll only tell you she remembers waking up in Hogwarts. So just who is this Astra? Well, here at The Hogwarts Daily we are set to find out.

”What do you want? Oh, an interview? Sure just get my- oh...about Astra? Well, what about her? Everyone knows she's just some girl...oh what I know about her? About as much as everyone else. She showed up and now she's here, She helped me once...ya flunked a test back in our third year, she showed up at my dorm and had cookies and hot cocoa, man that stuff was magic...made me feel a lot better and she helped me study. So ya, she’s chill I guess. Not much else to be known”

Cookies and hot cocoa, well that’s not much to go off of folks, but here at The Hogwarts Daily, we have got an exclusive with someone close to her who had this to say!

”Ya Astra is a sweetie, honestly...she kinda creeps me out sometimes, I swear it's like her room is always covered in vines and ivy, and have you seen her out at the waterside, I think it's like she's just talking to no one. I swear I’ve seen her bloom a full tree once before...that’s not something any normal witch can do...hey wait your not gonna include my name eh! Hey, come back!”

Well...growing a full tree...hmm I wonder what secrets does….Astra! ASTRA WAIT UP CAN I ASK YOU SOMETHING!

“Hmm oh..Hi, your that tiny first year asking around about me, right? Sure what's up...oh my family? Um...well they're busy all the time so I don't see them much but Hogwarts is my family...oh hey would you like a cookie? I just baked them! Now...I’d like to ask that you stop asking around about me...odd for me to be in the newspaper don’t ya think? Do you agree? Good now...how about another cookie?”

Well...um okay...that’s it folks Astra is just a sweet girl, who makes some damn good cookies...um..she is kinda scary though. Anyway, guess I’m recording this for nothing now...well goodnight people of Hogwarts...this is The Hogwarts Daily signing off!

Astra Montgomery
Hufflepuff Sixth Year
Alias : Becca
Goes By : Astra
Posts : 6
Blood Status : Unknown
Occupation : Student
Sexual Orientation : Pansexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Neutral
Face Claim : Malina Weissman

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Astra Montgomery Empty Re: Astra Montgomery

Post by Celeste Wong on Tue Nov 12, 2019 9:21 pm

Celeste Wong
Gryffindor Seventh Year
Alias : Xaria
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Occupation : student
Sexual Orientation : homosexual
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