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Not exactly role model material.

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Not exactly role model material. Empty Not exactly role model material.

Post by Javier Morais on Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:57 pm

The Morais family has lived in Brazil for pretty much forever, their mother is a native and their father's family has been there for generations as well. They have all gone to Castelobruxo for their schooling up until this point. A little bit about their family, there are five children, four of which are from the same mother and father with Javier being their mother's from a previous fling before she met her husband. Javier has only ever known their father so they were all raised just as siblings rather than half siblings, even if they know that their father wasn't Javier's real father. It isn't really a secret. Their father was a magizoologist and their mother probably a stay at home mom or something, probably traveling with her husband when the kids were in school. They all spent a good bit of time out in the jungles and learning about creatures both muggle and magical.

In December of 2020, their parents were killed. I didn't go into much detail about their deaths or how they happened since Javier wasn't around and as far as he knows, no one really knows exactly what happened. Now comes in the siblings who have been left with no guardian and Javier has stepped up. I don't see him being the best role model, he has always been a partier, probably getting yelled at from time to time for his room smelling like weed or their parents finding alcohol stashed in his underwear drawer, that kind of thing. He would have tried to be more a friend to his siblings than an authority figure. But he has given up his dreams to become a professor so they will have a stable life, they will have transferred to Hogwarts January 2021 when he started teaching there.

TL:DR Javier has three siblings that need people to play them!

JT Morais? - Brother - 23 - Played by Caroline
Claudia Morais - Sister - 18 - Played by me
Eloisa Morais - Sister - 16 - 6th year
Marcos Morais - Brother - 15 - 5th year
Javier Morais
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