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RUTH was first established in 2016 waxing and waning as time passed by. Yet, it would always manage to rise again like a phoenix. RUTH is an alternate universe post-Potter RP with a focus on storytelling, character development, and collaboration. Thinking out of the box is encouraged as well as building off from the foundations of the initial seven books. Although other sites restrict you to just those books, we encourage looking at the extended universe for greater cultivation. The site is currently in the restoration period following the tumultuous Battle of Hogsmeade that took place back in March 2021. There are fears of an Azkaban breakout while there are rumors that some victims have reemerged from the dead. Where do you stand?
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    Part of the plan was that Azazel had to be arrested; however he bypassed it by walking into the ministry himself, and 'turned' himself in. He was soon led to the minister's office, as the official was instructed to do; the official knocked on the door and was told to leave. Azazel however knew that he was to enter so he walked in his head down, and knelt in front of the desk, he did not want to face this man again but he could not escape him, he seemed to know where to find him, the only place he could not get to was that cabin. Steadying his breathing he could not help but worry if this was a trap, and he was really going to go down for the crime.

    Ivan watched as his boy (slave) walked in and knelt at the desk, 'he was always so obedient even when I know he hasn't been,' he thought to himself, he had word from Delilah that Azazel was not preforming up to his strengths in class and that he seemed preoccupied, which is why he had to test the boy to see where his true loyalty was. He was very happy that he hadn't strayed too far from the path that he was raised to do."Rise Azazel and come forth," he told the boy and watched him come to his side, he was still his there wasn't nothing that told him otherwise, and that was proof enough he had control of him at least for now.

    "Master, what do you want from me now? Azazel asked feeling empty inside, he had hurt the one he loved for this man, and had lost the only hope that he had left to escape. 'Wait there is that man what was his name again, oh right Harrison he can help,' he heard himself thinking but quickly pushed the thought back he could not have Ivan finding it, he had to think that he had control over him and that there was nothing left for him to keep fighting against him.

    "My boy, lets talk about your soul again, are you ready to go through with the ceremony?" Ivan asked, hoping that he was ready to take the next step that he had planned for the boy, he knew the Azazel had held back before but he hoped that was not going to be the case this time he wanted the boy to be the captain of his demon army. Ivan put a hand on Azazel's shoulder and gave it a light squeeze to show that he was proud of him for not backing out of his orders, and that he did not have to kill him.

    Azazel pondered the question, and thought that there was no way that James was going to take him back now, he had pretty much had ruined any chance of them ending up together by killing his aunt. Was there really anything left for him? He did not think so at the moment, "Yes I am ready master, there is nothing left for me here," he heard himself saying in a rather dead voice.

    A smile crept across Ivan's face when he heard the boy's response; this was great news to him. "Excellent the ceremony will take place next month, during the full moon," he told the young man and could not be any happier to finally have him on his side or so he thought. "You are dismissed, go and wait for me to call you again." he instructed the boy.

    With a bow Azazel left the office, and went out the back door with his head down. He knew that he would have to act quick if he wanted out of what he had just agreed to do.
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