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Grace and Poise [Open]

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Grace and Poise [Open] Empty Grace and Poise [Open]

Post by Lorna MacGregor on Tue Oct 22, 2019 2:24 pm

The very act of ice skating called for confidence, poise, grace. All of these things were things that Lorna exhibited in spades. She used to ice skate as a child, one of the few things that she could talk her parents into allowing her to do. At first they had told her it was a muggle sport, but Lorna could be very convincing. In the end, they had bought her a pair of ice skates and she had set about teaching herself how to not fall on her rear every time she stepped out on the ice. It had taken some practice but now as she stepped out onto the ice she kept her balance with practiced ease.

She made a few laps around the skating ring before growing a bit bored. The rink was rather empty at this time of evening. It was beginning to get dark, only the lights around the outside of the ring keeping it from being too difficult to see. It was also getting chillier but Lorna just took out her wand and performed a simple warming charm before resuming her skating. She hoped something interesting might happen, of course, she knew that there had been plenty of drama the night before but she didn't actually know Hermione, she definitely had no loyalty to her. So, in Lorna's mind her death meant little and she wouldn't allow it to ruin a single moment of her day.
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