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Balin Ventisette

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Balin Ventisette  Empty Balin Ventisette

Post by Balin Ventisette on Mon Oct 21, 2019 12:56 am

Balin Ventisette  E779b6c0-a6c4-41e2-ac1a-cb255fce6f28


Name: Balin Ventisette
Nicknames: Bally.  Bal.
Titles: N/A
Date of Birth: 19th Janurary 1997
Age: 23
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: London
Current Home: London
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Wand: (Length, core, wood, etc)


Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Hair Style: short messy mop
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: lean fit but not muscular.
Height: 5'9"
Other Distinguishing Features: Balin has a number of scars over his body courtesy of his father.
Clothing Style:  Balin prefers casual clothes such as jeans and t-shirts.  Anything that removes him from his previous life style.


B - Boisterous

Balin had a very Boisterous personality when he was growing that earnt him a few of his scars.  Some of his actions did not befit how his father thought his eldest heir especially, should act and as such, this behaviour was forced, ofter beaten, out of him.

It has been over the past 5 years, very slowly at first, that this aspect of his personality has truly started to shine again.  His job at the bakery has helped him with some of his self confidence even and allowed him to shine.  Then there is his sisters young child whom he loves to play with.  But most importantly, the brightest spark in his life will always be his love.  His boyfriend has helped him through a lot just over the last few years.

A - Amiable, Anxious, Abrupt

Balin has generally been a very easy person to get along with despite his father's best efforts to make him a purist.  It was this that gained him his friendship with his boyfriend that turned into more over time.  If he had have followed his father's wishes, as a Slytherin, they probably wouldn't have spent much time together anyway.

Balin's Anxiety goes back to his childhood with his father.  He isn't sure if his siblings suffer the same because he hasn't talked to them about it.  He is just glad he was able to help them when their father kicked them out too.  It isn't just the constant fear of losing everything once again, that adds to his anxiety but some of the memories revoking around his scars.

Balin, while amiable, can be rather abrupt du3 to his upbringing.  It isn't as though he means it but some things are just said without thought out of anger or hurt and he often wishes he never said them at all because they are not really him but rather the man his father wanted him to be.

L - Loving, Loyal

Balin is a very loving person.  He choose love over his family even though his father didn't give him much choice and when he was cast out by father, he did his best to let his siblings know they had the choice to live with him but he was sure his father was blocking his letters from getting through to them.

Balin is loyal but not blindly so.  This is why his father never had his loyalty.  People have to prove to Balin that they are worth his loyalty before he will blindly give it to them
 This doesn't mean he doesn't fight with people for what he believes in.  He will give people the chance to gain his loyalty by following orders but if you don't gain it and you ask him to do something stupid, then he isn't just going to follow that order blindly either.

I - Intelligent, insecure

Balin is intelligent and before his father kicked his out, he had had plans to continue his studies to a uni level and maybe become a healer.  This almost feels like a dream now though because he would live with his boyfriend's parents.  He knows he needs to try and help support his siblings and his sisters kid and he doesn't hate them for it.

Having anxiety and just fearing that he might lose every he has yet again, has led Balin to be insecure.

N - Nurturing

Balin has a nurturing nature.  It is this that made him always orotect his family from his father growing up and to take his siblings in as they let him down.  He loves them and will always do his best to look out for them.


Dear Diary,

Dad was drunk again today. Surprise surprise. I don't know how mum stands him. I would say that I couldn't wait to go to Hogwarts but I fear what he will do to mum and my siblings. I...He has left me with bruises sometimes when he is like this. If I am not as good at something as I am supposed to be....well, he has hit me in the past for it. I was 6 when he started. You see, he got his first sign of magic at the age of 3 or something lime that and was furious that I had yet to show any. It was in one of his drunken rages that he called to me. He said he was going to scare the magic into me. It didn't work but he would try it a few more times before I finally showed my first sign of magic at 8 years old. I have a few scars that are my reminders of his love and attention.


Dear Diary,

Dad made me go to Hogwarts no matter how much I said I didn't want to go. I just didn't want to leave the rest of the family at his mercy with out. I try to keep his attention away from the other kids mistakes. I worry about them without me but he told me that the family name could deal with the disappoint of any failure from me. This hangs over my head here. I hope at least if I met his expectations I might be able to keep him in a good mood. At least I kept in the good cards by being a slytherin though I almost had to beg the hat for it.


Dear Diary

Okay so it's been a few more years now and I have another little sister since I last wrote in hear but I have a serious problem. I think I have feelings for my best friend. My very MALE best friend. What can I do about this. My father will never understand. Maybe I should just try and ignore it and hope it goes away.


Dear Diary,

I am now about 3 months away from graduation and all I can say is that was certainly the wrong move. We kissed. It was so great but I think I wreaked everything because I freaked out and ran straight after it happened. I know my father will never except this from me and I have no idea what to do because I really want this.


Dear Diary,

Once I explained everything he understood. I think I am going to have to tell my father and just face the consequences. I will do it once a go home. It's about time someone stood up to him.


Dear Diary

The last 3 months of my schooling have been the best of my life. Even if we have had to be careful not to be seen, it has been nice to be able to be open with each other. We go home tomorrow and while I look forward to seeing little Esme, I dread telling my father what I am. I know that he will not take it well but I will no longer deny that I am gay.


Dear Diary

My boyfriend thought it was funny it was funny that I wrote about my feelings 'like a girl', until I showed him one of the scars that my father had left as a momento for me. That sobered his mood right up and I regretted it instantly but he was going to find out eventually, seeing as we are moving in together tomorrow.

I should probably start at the start. From when I got off the train at least. We had said our quiet good byes before heading over to our families I paid particular attention to Esme as I tried to keep my nerve in telling my father the truth. It turns out I should have done it as soon as we got home. The longer I stayed at home, the more I remembered just how cruel he was.

It was not his fault, because I should have told my father before this, but my boyfriend sent a letter. There wasn't much in it but he signed it with his love. My father would have given the same reaction if I had told him but the minute I saw the look he was giving me, I knew. Or at least I knew something was up.

Despite my mother's attempts to stand up for me and probably due to my own words in my defense, I was kicked out of my childhood home with little more to my name them then the clothes on my back, my owl and the small amount of savings I had managed to gain from the money my father had given me, that was in my own gringotts bank vault. I knew I would no longer be to get access the family vault. My father would see to that straight away.

With nowhere else to go, I sent my owl with a short note to my boyfriend and aparated to the leaky caudron, hoping he would met me there.

Anyway the short version of what happened from there is I ended up here at his parents, looking like I have been in a fight by my black eye, curtesy of my father as he made me leave the house. I am sure I have other bruises but I haven't bothered to count. He can't hurt me anymore but I do worry about my siblings. The home that I am about to create will always be open to them. It is one thing that I will not relent on and I can only hope that he understands.

Balin Ventisette
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Balin Ventisette  Empty Re: Balin Ventisette

Post by Camille Voclain on Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:05 am


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