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coming of age ceremony ((hermione/one-shot))

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coming of age ceremony ((hermione/one-shot)) Empty coming of age ceremony ((hermione/one-shot))

Post by James Potter on Fri Oct 18, 2019 11:20 am

James was told to look for his godmother and aunt to have a very serious talk before the new year. He was, admittedly, nervous as he had absolutely no idea what this discussion of sorts would entail. He went to the more "behind the scenes" area where he figured Hermione would be waiting around for him.

There she was. Approaching his aunt, James waved and exchanged a sheepish wave. "Hey, aunt 'Mione." Hermione wrapped him in an embrace as she lead him to a more private area for their talk.

"James, as you'll be of age in a week, I feel as if it is my duty to advise you on how to be a responsible adult. I know you're a young man who likes to have fun, but you have to seriously think about your future so you can succeed."

He blinked listening to his aunt. That talk? "Oh, uh, yeah! I'll be real with ya, I haven't really considered any career paths or looked around at universities..."

Hermione gave a small frown as she squeezed his hands. "Well, you need to start looking into it very soon, alright? I suggest you think of something you really love and pursue it. Stay true to yourself."

"What if dad would look down upon it?"

"Unfortunately, that's something I can't solve too much. I'd have a heart-to-heart talk with him during one of your upcoming breaks or on a Hogsmeade weekend. Don't get too angry with him. He's only looking out for you."

James sighed as he briefly looked away from Hermione. "Then why do I always feel a need to conceal around him? If he knew of half the stuff I got involved in, he'd kill me!"

She gave him a soft, reassuring smile. "You two are of different times," she began while squeezing her nephew's hands even tighter. "It's a matter of finding common ground and showing to Har- your father that whatever you want to pursue would make you happy. Have him comprehend that you have your own path and he has his. I know you've always felt a pressure just for existing, but don't let that bring you down."

"That's easier than it sounds..."

"It always is, but I know you're capable of overcoming it. I must return to work, but please remember to stay true to yourself, pursue what resonates the greatest with your heart, and be grateful for the people and opportunities in your life. Be grateful for every minute you get to spend with your loved ones. Don't take life for granted."

"I will."
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