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Cha Heejin

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Cha Heejin  Empty Cha Heejin

Post by Cha Heejin on Thu Oct 17, 2019 6:04 pm

Cha Heejin  Lee-jung-hyun-7


   Name: Cha Heejin/Heejin Cha
   Nicknames: (If any)
   Date of Birth: July 16, 1999
   Age: 21
   Blood Status: Half-blood
   Hometown: Gangjin, South Jeolla, South Korea
   Current Home: London, England
   Nationality: Korean/English
   School: A Korean wizarding school - Attends Niliton for music theory and history
   Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
   Wand: Jezo spruce, dragon heartstring, somewhat bendy, 10"


   Hair Color: Black
   Hair Style: Long, straight - likes to crimp it and don in various out-there hairstyles
   Eye Color: Brown
   Body Type: Thin
   Height: 5'3
   Other Distinguishing Features:
   Clothing Style: Avant-garde and usually made by herself or found secondhand - tends to have more traditional Eastern Asian elements to it


  Artistic, very artistic. Heejin is one to think outside of the box and isn't afraid to be bold with her work. Yet, her personality is more subtle than her sister's and, in some ways, more overtly traditional and connected to her heritage. She's introspective and often doesn't take the world at face value with her interest into looking deep into what most would just accept as is. Heejin is also the type to be hard-working and humble whenever she strives towards something she wishes to achieve in life. She has the tendency of rambling to the point of being considered a conspiracy theorist.


   Sometimes I wonder if the music show my sister won was all a ploy. She brushes off my concern and only thinks of it as a chance to be a star. I take it as an agenda to distract and get the youth away from focusing on the bigger picture. I love making music myself, but I'm genuinely worried that Ji Yoo will just lose herself to fame once she no longer has Hogwarts to run to. Music shows run the risk of becoming manufactured.

What about me? Well, I enjoy finding patterns in previous historical events. It's interesting just how much of it appears to have been a set up. Yet, when I talk to my peers about it, they find me crazy and that I'm paranoid. I just pity them for not wanting to look beyond what they know, yet, at the same time, I can't blame them. It's much easier to live life when blinded to the truth. It's a matter of them waking up, and I think that time may be arriving soon.
Cha Heejin
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Cha Heejin  Empty Re: Cha Heejin

Post by Louis Weasley on Sun Oct 20, 2019 4:17 pm

Louis Weasley
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