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Demons and Spirits (One Shot)

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Demons and Spirits (One Shot) Empty Demons and Spirits (One Shot)

Post by Chaos Lestrange on Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:11 pm

Chaos did not know why he decided to go to the haunted house, maybe it was to see if it was really haunted which he did not think it was, however being a medium he found spirits normally followed him. He was going to open himself up to the spirit world which was something he rarely did but he had felt the calling to reach out there was one spirit in particular that he felt constantly around him lately.

Once deep inside he found a corner a way from peering eyes and called out to the spirit, inviting them to come forth and speak. To his surprise it was Salazar Slytherin himself, Chaos wanted to send him back but it was too late he did not want anything to do with him. "What do you want?" There was always something that was keeping the spirit from there final resting place, what was it that Salazar wanted was the question.

"Power, and a body, to be alive again would be everything," he heard the spirit reply which should have been a warning that he was in danger, but he decided to keep talking to him. "how do you intend to fulfill your plan?" Was his next question, however he was sure that it would involve him and possibly his body.

"Your body will do greatly, you are fit and wise, and possess everything that I desire to make my wishes come forth," it was exactly what Chaos had feared, he quickly tried to end the connection with no prevail and he ended up blacking out, when he woke up a few hours later he could sense Salazar but was sure he was not possessed, yet he felt like the man had latched on to him which would not be good.
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