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skulking skeletons (deimos)

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skulking skeletons (deimos) Empty skulking skeletons (deimos)

Post by Sadie Cavendish Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:59 pm

Sadie needed to get away from the school, because she was trying her best to hide that she was pregnant only to know that she’d have to come clean. Since it wouldn’t be long until she would be sacked out, because it was already November. So going to Hogsmeade seemed peaceful enough and she decided to go look in Dervish and Banges.

Entering the shop she went over to a place that had stuff related to antiques. Something she to an extent found incredibly interesting. Crossing her arms, she examined the aisle by walking down it. Maybe she’d find use of this stuff for her child. Not even knowing if she’d keep it.

All of this was too much for Sadie, because she knew that she’d be kicked out. Not really caring if she had been expelled because she hated Hogwarts. But right now she didn’t feel like being disturbed by anyone and if she was annoyed no fucking clue what she’d do.

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Post by Deimos Lestrange Tue Dec 10, 2019 2:59 pm

Deimos liked the scent of the repair shop in Hogsmeade. It was musty, old paper, pipe tobacco, varnished wood: the sort of smells he associated with his childhood; although he didn't know why. One of the women at his Father's house smoked a pipe, and he used to lie on her lap. She would stroke his hair. She wasn't his Mother.

Usually he would hate waiting. He'd come to get something fixed and he was told it would take an hour. Instead of going elsewhere though, he felt like hanging around.

He saw the back of a woman's head, looking at some Victorian infancy stuff. He was fairly sure it was Daphne Cavendish, so he grinned at once. Why was she looking at that crap though? Either way, he went up behind her and pushed his hand against her waist, leaning to her ear.


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