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Amara Jordan

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Amara Jordan Empty Amara Jordan

Post by Amara Jordan on Tue Sep 24, 2019 10:32 pm

Amara Jordan RRJ4ax


Name: Amara Jordan
Nicknames: AJ by close friends and family only
Date of Birth: August 29th
Age: 16
Blood Status: Halfblood
Current Home: With father
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: 9 1/4" Oak with Phoenix feather core.


Hair Color: Dark brown/black
Hair Style: Curly
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Skinny, fit
Height: 5'4
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Whatever's in style. She puts a lot of work into her appearance and tries to always look her best.


Amara is a difficult one to pin down. On one hand, she loves being the center of attention. Being in the spotlight is where this girl belongs and she has a flair for the dramatic. Of course, this sometimes makes it difficult for her because she isn't exactly a model student. She likes parties and having fun... Even if it is against school rules. Sneaking around isn't something that she is the best at but she usually manages. She also has a love for gossip. She isn't a bad person, though. She just likes things to be interesting. She is loyal to her friends, though and won't be found talking bad about them.


Amara was born the only daughter of her mother and Lee Jordan. Since she was the only girl and her father's daughter, he has always spoiled her. Maybe they didn't have the most money ever but she was her father's little sidekick and he always made sure that she got anything that she wanted if he could provide it. She loved her older brothers and her mother as well, but it was clear she was her daddy's girl.

Between that and having a couple of older brothers, the girl has never really known struggle or fear. There was always one of her brothers or her father there to protect her and because of that she became maybe a little too fearless. She didn't let anyone push her around and she was a bit of a trouble maker growing up if anyone upset her.

Since coming to school. she has found that she doesn't really excel in most of her classes. She gets by if only barely in most of them. It takes her a lot of work to actually do better that barely average. And most of the time she can't be bothered to actually put forth that effort. She has too much other stuff to do, too much fun to be had. But she manages to make sure she does enough to get by and it isn't like she is actually stupid or anything like that. She just doesn't try. She doesn't feel the need to apply herself if she can get by without doing so. And that has gotten her this far.
Amara Jordan
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Amara Jordan Empty Re: Amara Jordan

Post by Hyacinth Macmillan on Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:24 pm

Hyacinth Macmillan
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