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Indigo Macmillan

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Indigo Macmillan Empty Indigo Macmillan

Post by Indigo Macmillan on Mon Sep 23, 2019 7:18 am

Indigo Macmillan Indy2


Name: Indigo Vincent Macmillan
Nicknames: Indy
Titles: None
Date of Birth: November 5th, 2000
Age: 20
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Macmillan family home
Current Home: Macmillan family home (still)
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Wand: 11", Unicorn Tail Hair, Vine


Hair Color: Light blond
Hair Style: Slicked back, slight wave, neat
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Toned slender
Height: 5'9"
Other Distinguishing Features: Square jaw, defined cheeks, hoop earring in left side
Clothing Style: Trendy, blazers, shirts, decorative scarves, neat 'eton-type' look, ankle grazers and brogues/oxfords.


Indigo is a bit of a toff really. He is primarily concerned with keeping up appearances, believing that fulfilment in life comes from having a successful, bountiful, boast-worthy career. He is very quick to judge, and seems to judge people more on their merits and dress sense than their character. Prone to gloat and point out another's flaws, he can come across as incredibly superficial sometimes. He has expensive, intricate tastes and likes to think that he does everything in an organised, logical and 'proper' way. In short: he feels he is always right.

Despite that, however, Indy has a hidden depth to his character. He comes across as selfish, but is actually pretty caring deep down. He just doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. He wants what is best for people, but needs to learn that what he sees as best for them isn't necessarily right. His lack of empathy is clear, but can be sympathetic and try to see things from another's view point.  


The oldest boy of the Macmillan family, Indigo always felt it was his responsibility to set the example for his younger brothers. He had always taken that role very seriously: being well-behaved, well-mannered, well-to-do, lar-di-dar; the sort of golden child Ernest (their father) would be proud of. He was the one who, during the siblings' childhood, felt as though he should be in charge and calling the shots (despite having two older twin sisters). His games weren't very popular with his other siblings, as they usually gave Indigo himself an unfair advantage.

At school, Indigo was no different. He buckled down and concentrated on what he went there to do: pass exams and learn magic. That's not to say that he didn't have a good social life; but when it came to doing things with his friends, he had to be the organiser.  

While at Hogwarts, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that he was gay. He knew from a very young age that he was, but the idea of relationships and sex was always far from his priorities. In fact, he was always a little disgusted by the idea of it. Since going to university, however, he finds himself being more curious by it all.

He studies and specialises in charms in the hope that he will go onto being employed by the Ministry. He has another year left before needing to secure an internship: but everything he has been dedicated to through the years has been leading up to this point. Failure will destroy him.

Indigo Macmillan
University Student
Alias : Violet
Posts : 276
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Age : 20
Blood Status : Pureblood
Occupation : Charms Student
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual
Relationship Status : Single?
Faction : Neutral
Patronus : Goat
Face Claim : Tom Glynn-Carney

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Indigo Macmillan Empty Re: Indigo Macmillan

Post by Hyacinth Macmillan on Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:44 am

Hyacinth Macmillan
Ravenclaw Seventh Year
Alias : Xaria
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Age : 17
Blood Status : Pureblood
Occupation : Student
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
Relationship Status : Single
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Face Claim : ben jelen

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