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nosy girls (faye)

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nosy girls (faye) Empty nosy girls (faye)

Post by Jenna Bishop Thu Sep 19, 2019 1:40 am

Jenna had been studying in the library for Divinations, and needed to get away from the people in her common room, because they drove her nuts. Especially Faye Phiera, who seemed to love getting into everyone's business, and she needed that girl knowing her business. It didn't help she was also friends with Blake Kennedy who was the worst guy she ever met. So studying in the library, seemed like a good way to because she got to ignore people.

Reading her Charms books, Jenna had been taking notes. Hoping that Professor Balewa would be impressed with her work, because she wanted to do well. It was her favorite class and she knew Professor Balewa had trusted her. Which was important to Jenna, but she soon felt a chill come up and she closed her eyes.

"You know it's rude to interrupt people who are studying, right?" she asked not caring who the chill was, but she wasn't okay with in the slightest. And she didn't like her personal space invaded.

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nosy girls (faye) Empty Re: nosy girls (faye)

Post by Faye Phiera Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:13 pm

”You’re full of it, as always.”

Faye took a seat across the table from her, and smirked.

Jenna wasn’t someone she got on with. All she ever seemed to do was read and bark at people who interrupted her. Faye was a very serious student as well, but she also felt as though she was more approachable and fairer than someone like Jenna. Which was why she was prefect, and Jenna wasn’t.

”I came to talk about a problem we have in common,” She said, raising a brow, ”A dormitory problem...”
Faye Phiera
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