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Brandon Lockwood

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Brandon Lockwood  Empty Brandon Lockwood

Post by Brandon Lockwood Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:37 pm

Brandon Lockwood  Maxresdefault-1527621229


Name: Brandon Gregory Lockwood
Nicknames: Bran
Date of Birth: 1st February 2006
Age: 14
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Hometown: Ayr, Scotland
Current Home: Ayr, Scotland
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation:  Demisexual
Wand: 11 inches, Holly, Dragon Heartstring


Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Short
Eye Color: Blue
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 5.7
Other Distinguishing Features: Nope
Clothing Style: Casual, varies.


Brandon is someone who doesn’t let people in due to all that happened in his life. And he has spent his entire life living being told that he was a freak by his brother, so Brandon resents his father and is the type of kid who gets angry at people easily. And he is also someone who has a knack for trying to get justice and will do anything for those that he does let in and is trying to seek justice for many people, and is someone who despises purebloods due to how he feels that just because he is a muggleborn, they are going to shit on him for it.

He is someone who knows how to survive and is adapted to staying on the streets, because he does it as a way to escape his father’s wrath. The boy just wants to be accepted and hopes to one day to find people who are willing to care about him. But isn’t one for letting people in and therefore doesn’t have many friends. He is someone that tends to look out for himself even if he’s willing to get justice for those he cares about. But in order to reach this degree from Brandon you gotta a lot for him to even consider trusting you.

He’s one who is also looking for the demise of those that hurt him, and hopes to one day see the Death Eaters fall, and doesn’t believe the Order is doing their job. So he is someone who is willing to take the law into his own hands and doesn;t care who he hurts in this process. And is hoping to one day get justice for muggleborns like him.


Brandon grew up in the muggle world to an abusive father who from a young age had a feeling that his son had been different then most kids. And spent his entire life reminding him that he was nothing but a freak due to what he was. While he had praised his older siblings who were just like him when it came to being different. But Brandon grew up believing this way because he had reminded him most of their mother who left their father not long after Brandon was born and left him for a pureblood wizard whom she had been pregnant by and didn’t tell is father, so Brandon believes that had contributed strongly to what had been going on.

His father abuse would be something that would follow him to Hogwarts, when he would spend most of his time trying to avoid people. And had heard stories about purebloods from his older siblings which made Brandon hate purebloods. Since he thinks that just because he is a muggleborn he is good enough to go to school. But he would in many ways cut people out and do his best to focus on himself and school.

And now he is a fourth year and is still not willing to let people in and isn’t going to anytime soon, even if he hopes people will become his friend. He is also thinking of ways to back students who are purebloods and wishes that maybe the school wasn’t a school that accepted purebloods and is trying to get justice for muggleborns.
Brandon Lockwood
Gryffindor Fifth Year
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Fourth Year
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Dylan Minette

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Brandon Lockwood  Empty Re: Brandon Lockwood

Post by Talia Stilldancer Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:25 pm


Brandon Lockwood  Tumblr_m2t3brrELI1qc8bw6o1_500
Talia Stilldancer
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head torturer
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mary elizabeth winstead

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