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Esme Ventisette Empty Esme Ventisette

Post by Esme Ventisette on Mon Sep 02, 2019 6:56 pm

Esme Ventisette Tumblr_opk3e2DExw1r69xzvo1_250


Name: Esme Lily Ventisette
Nicknames: Mimi
Titles: N/A
Date of Birth: July 17, 2009
Age: 11
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: London
Current Home: London or Hogwarts
Nationality: English
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: Too young to tell
Wand: 9, pine, dragon heart string


Hair Color: Red
Hair Style: Usually straight, up in a ponytail or down and styled whichever she is in the mood for.
Eye Color: Green
Body Type: Skinny
Height: 4,10
Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
Clothing Style: Mostly casual like jeans, shorts, skirts, shirts, etc. She has tendencies of dressing like a girly girl but not always.


Esme is a kind hearted witch who is always willing to be there for people and help them through hard times or bad days. She may be young but she is fearless and brave even if people think that she is too young and stupid to understand the real world. Esme does understand and she is always willing to offer her services to anyone and everyone. Esme may be a loving person but she is also smart and hardworking, she doesn't let her kindness get in the way of her better judgment nor is she naïve. She can tell when people don't like her and she is happy enough to step away from them and give them their distance. Esme loves school, she loves to draw and paint, she loves to write, she loves her family, and she loves her cat who is her best friend in the entire world. It sounds silly but Esme loves animals and nature and tries her best to care for them.

Esme is like an open book, what you see is what you get from her she is not cruel or evil, but she is pure hearted and kind. Esme tries not to hate but she does have a strong disliking for rude people and people being mistreated by anyone. She thinks people deserve to be treated equally but not a lot of people see it that way. She's not a fan of spiders either anything that is hairy and crawls freaks her out so bad to the point where she finds herself in instant tears all the time. Esme knows she is not perfect and knows no one ever truly is, Esme will always admit she is stubborn when it comes to things she truly believes in and she is definitely paranoid when it comes to going out at night or when it comes to things that crawl.


Growing up for Esme was not always perfect, her father was a drunk and her mother was treated like her father's personal house elf. Her father believed in perfection and that any of his children who disappointed him would suffer consequences. Esme always thought it was a complete and utter lie until her older brother (the oldest of them all) confessed that he was gay and in love with another man. Esme was only six and she never seen her father so angry and cruel. Her father took away her brother's inheritance and disowned him, her mother who had tried to define her father was locked in their bedroom waiting for conversation. Esme remembers crying hysterically that night, she never understood why her father was so cruel in a way he could disown his own child and kick them out. Her brother was only eighteen and he had tried sticking up for himself and it got him thrown out.

When Esme thought that her life would at least become semi-normal her older sister got pregnant by her boyfriend before marriage. Not only before marriage but when she was sixteen and still in Hogwarts, her father once again had become furious and disowned her before kicking her out like she meant nothing to him. Esme once again cried from the pain, Esme and her older brother were forced to never talk to their older siblings and no matter how many letters she got they were burned right away. It made her wish for Hogwarts because she could write to them and vice versa. Her older brother (other brother) was nervous when it came to telling his parents he was bisexual, Esme listened to her father when he once again got angry and threw him out, Esme was hopeless when she watched her brother leave out the same door her other siblings were forced to walk out of. Esme watched as her father looked up the stairs where she was sitting on the top step.

"Looks like you're my only perfect child, don't disappoint me like them" Esme remembers nodding her head before going to her room and sobbing. No matter all that pain and hopelessness she felt, she never lost who she was.

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Esme Ventisette
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Esme Ventisette Empty Re: Esme Ventisette

Post by Darcy Culkin on Mon Sep 02, 2019 7:18 pm


Esme Ventisette Tumblr_nvnz114XKF1uru9vno1_400
Darcy Culkin
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