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Iris Parkinson

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Iris Parkinson  Empty Iris Parkinson

Post by Iris Parkinson on Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:25 pm

Iris Parkinson  Giphy


   Name: Iris Anna Parkinson (Born Iris Bella Rosier)
   Nicknames: Ri, Iri
   Titles: N/A
   Date of Birth: Febuary 19, 2004
   Age: 16
   Blood Status: Pureblood
   Hometown: Birmingham
   Current Home: A little shack in Hogsmeade
   Nationality: British
   School: Hogwarts
   Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
   Wand: Spruce, dragon heart-string, 9", slightly springy


   Hair Color: Black
   Hair Style: Long, wavy, down
   Eye Color: Brown
   Body Type: Skinny
   Height: 5'5
   Other Distinguishing Features: N/A
   Clothing Style: Denim jackets, mod-influenced, mini skirts


Driven and independent, Iris' drum has a beat of its own. She is one to improvise and adapt when a change in situation comes upon her no matter how self-inflicted or not it might've been. Iris is also intelligent and tries to use it for her own advancement, especially in the area of her personal life. Over the years, she has naturally become more inquisitive and unwilling to see things at surface level and only at one perspective.


Mom crushed on classmate. Mom and classmate stopped being friends. Mom found an older guy she wasn't classmates with. Older guy was a lot deeper into Pureblood supremacy than the former classmate/friend/crush's newly reformed views. Mom fell in love. They got married and procreated. Here's one of the results.

Iris was a bit of a jewel. She had gotten the best of both of her parents in the looks department - Pansy's so-called "pug face" and her father's soft, yet sharp structure. She was favored among some of the Rosier children, yet she couldn't shake the feeling that she shouldn't have been in this family. Iris didn't question their viewpoints until some conflicting information she learned in school shattered her world. Weren't parents supposed to know what was best? Why didn't they?

It definitely didn't help that her mother was slowly entering the brink of some supposed breakdown - she wasn't being the positive role model she should've been. All over Draco. All over Hogwarts. Iris was also beginning getting into rifts with her father over Muggleborns and Pureblood supremacist ideology. Finding them unsuited to continue raising her until she came of age, she petitioned to get legally emancipated and began working various jobs whenever class wasn't in session to support herself.
Iris Parkinson
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Iris Parkinson  Empty Re: Iris Parkinson

Post by Leonides Belvedere on Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:24 pm

Leonides Belvedere
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