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Beating Wintertime Blues with Aloha Bill

Edith Grayson | Published on the wed Oct 23, 2019 6:35 pm | 61 Views

Pictured above: A portion of Wiki Wiki Shack's Interior

Winter is known for being the most depressing of the seasons, and it's no wonder why other than the cold: we're being exposed to even less Vitamin D from the sunlight. Luckily, we have the founder of Blackrock Seafront and Wiki Wiki Shack, Aloha Bill, here with us to give you tips on how to combat these blues and enjoy your winter!

1. Wear Bright Colors

Aloha Bill

Whenever I feel down, I always put on the most colorful clothes I own to lighten my mood. It also helps get the mood of everyone around you up too!


2. Sit Near a Fire

Aloha Bill

If I'm somewhere with little warmth but plenty of firewood, I tend to build myself a fire to help me warm up! It's as if you're closer to the sun.


3. Think Positively!

Aloha Bill

They say laughter's the best medicine, so I always make an effort to spend time with people who always put a smile on my face if I need a little picker-upper.

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