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Richard Black

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Richard Black  Empty Richard Black

Post by Richard Black on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:39 am

Richard Black  Rcihgc


Name: Richard Black
Nicknames: Rich, Squib
Date of Birth: December 25 1973
Age: 40
Blood Status: Pureblood (Squib)
Hometown: Shrewsbury England
Current Home: Somewhere in Muggle England
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts Dropout
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Wand: N/A


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: just above the ear and messy
Eye Color: Right eye blue, left eye seems brown
Body Type: Slim
Height: 5'10
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Ripped jeans, muggle band t-shirts, jean jacket and sneakers


Richard is outgoing and adventurous, he tends to get bored easily do to these traits. He also enjoys to be outdoors and would prefer to be out in the mountains than in a classroom any day. He is kind and compassionate to a fault, he never believes that a person is evil he thinks they are just misunderstood and could change their ways if shown love. He does however have a temper and is not afraid to speak his mind when he feels that the person he is talking to is saying something false, or is just plain straight rude.


I was shunned by my family when it was found out that I was indeed a squib, they did not want to have anything to do with a child who did not have magic as they were one of most notorious pureblood families. Did I attend Hogwarts? Well the answer is yes, however I ended up dropping out. My time at Hogwarts resulted in many fights from people calling me a squib, though there is one that is the most memorable and that was when I took a blow so hard to my eye that it ended up paralyzing the iris sphincter muscle in it, which made my pupil in that eye remain dilated.

My time at Hogwarts was not all bad I had made some really good friends including a young professor that you may know as Snape, I was the one he stayed with right after he woke up from his coma and was going through some very intense changes. So it was only natural that he would invite me back to Hogwarts after he received notice that he would be the headmaster there for the 2020/20201 school year. I was a bit nervous thinking about going back to the school where I was the brunt of most jokes, but he assured me that I would be just fine and that it would be the best place to continue my teaching career, and that there was no one else who would be able to give Muggle Studies justice than someone who spent time living with them for over twenty years.  
Richard Black
Richard Black
Hogwarts Professor
Hogwarts Professor

Alias : Jules
Posts : 11
Blood Status : Pureblood (Squib)
occupation : Hogwarts Professor
Sexual Orientation : Hetersexual
Faction : Neutral
face claim : David Bowie

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Richard Black  Empty Re: Richard Black

Post by Severus Snape on Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:42 pm

Severus Snape
Severus Snape
Hogwarts Head
Hogwarts Head

Alias : Jules
Posts : 38
Blood Status : Hlafblood
occupation : Headmster of Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation : Bisexual
Faction : Neutral

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