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Post by Rose Granger-Weasley on Wed Mar 18, 2020 10:43 pm

Rose had brought books with her when she had come to school this year, just as she always did. What she wasn't accounting for was the fact that she would have read them all already when she wouldn't even be going back home for the holidays for another month. So, she had decided that it was time for a trip to the library. She needed the fanciful tales of far off lands to keep her mind from the real world things that she and her family were experiencing. It was her way of escaping, her way of coping.

She combed through the shelves that held books of all kinds, books that she had read before, books that she hadn't. In the end, she ended up with a stack of books so tall in her arms that she couldn't even see over them. As fate would have it, that was when someone else had entered the library and she turned just in time to bump into them, sending all of the books falling to the floor as she tried to catch the ones that she could to save their delicate spines.
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