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ask for answers ((albus))

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ask for answers ((albus)) Empty ask for answers ((albus))

Post by James Potter on Wed Feb 12, 2020 6:11 pm

James found himself in a dilemma - he got on the quidditch team, yet he was heavily considering dropping out of Hogwarts to pursue music and not worry about grades or having to get up for classes. He was losing his motivation for just about anything, and he was exhausted of putting up an act with Azazel just so he could let some of his frustrations out. He had been repressing just about everything since the incident with Hermione, and it was reaching a point to where he couldn't control the floodgates.

Term had barely started, but, in the end, he was going to make the decision to drop out. James asked his brother to meet up with him at the Black Lake; if he was going to tell anybody first, it'd be Albus.

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James Potter
James Potter

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