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Post by Athena Lestrange on Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:04 pm

Athena couldn't believe that she had been so clumsy. Admittedly, she had had her nose stuck in her transfiguration book, studying for whatever was supposed to be going on in class the next day. She liked to stay ahead of things and she had to be to another class, so she didn't have time to study in the library or any such thing. She was already running late. The halls were more or less empty. That was when she missed that trick stair on the staircase. It was such a first year thing to do. But she had done it and found herself tumbling down the rest of the staircase, leaving her arm in a peculiar angle. Just great. Now she would never make it to class. Luckily, no one had been around to see her fall except for the portraits. Unluckily, that meant she had to make it to the hospital wing by herself.

Her arm was killing her when she finally walked into the hospital wing, the rest of her just bruised up a bit from her fall. "Hello?" She called out, waiting for one of those who took care of students here to come to her aid. She was taking the pain like a champ, though she was a bit shaky from it. At least she wasn't a sobbing wreck like she had been when she had broken her arm before as a child.

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