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A game before a game? ((Open))

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A game before a game? ((Open)) Empty A game before a game? ((Open))

Post by Asriel Denzel on Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:42 pm

Asriel had never been to an English carnival but he had been to different ones in other parts of the world. He was eager to see how they differed. Maybe while he was exploring he'd run into a friend or two from school. His father was off doing his own thing which was fine with the preteen used to being on his own. It was a relief though that he didn't mind the boy wondering off alone and had even given him money to spend at the carnival if something piqued his curiosity.

Nearly vibrating with energy, he walked amongst the crowd, his eyes wide as his head swiveled about trying to decide where to stop first. Something red and white caught his attention so he ended up going there first. It was a stall selling something that smelled wonderful! Bouncing on his toes, Asriel waiting patiently in line before it was his turn. Soon enough he was nibbling on some grantham gingerbread. His steps began to slow as he didn't know which game he wanted to try first. It was a familiar problem every time he came to something like this. Seeing a line near him he decided to join it wondering what exactly was at the other end. Whatever it was, he was sure it would be fun in the mean time, he decided to ask the person ahead of him, "Excuse me, have you been to this before?"

A game before a game? ((Open)) Vninbo
Asriel Denzel
Asriel Denzel
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Ravenclaw Second Year

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A game before a game? ((Open)) Empty Re: A game before a game? ((Open))

Post by Darcy Culkin on Thu Jan 16, 2020 10:00 am

Darcy was thankful for an opportunity to get away from his parents and hopefully spend some time with his boyfriend. He ended up wearing a Hawaiian shirt that was clearly too big on him, but it was comfortable at least.

He unintentionally entered the line for some sort of mirror maze. Whatever that was, he might as well go through it, especially as he managed a good spot in line.

"No, I haven't," Darcy answered pulling his head back to see who was behind him.

@Asriel Denzel

A game before a game? ((Open)) Tumblr_nvnz114XKF1uru9vno1_400
Darcy Culkin
Darcy Culkin
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