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Beach Day (Dagger)

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Beach Day (Dagger) Empty Beach Day (Dagger)

Post by Keelin Vettel on Thu Jan 09, 2020 5:25 pm

A day at the beach was just what the doctor had ordered, after a stressful school year; the young man also wanted to spend some time with his brother. Laying his towel on the ground, before laying down on it and waiting for his brother to come out of the change room, he just soaked up the sun rays letting the warmth relax him.It just felt so good to be out in nature and to be able to relax, and be himself not having to worry about books or anything for a couple months.

Hearing the waves crash, and call for him to dive into the deeps of the ocean for now he however just wanted to work on his tan and maybe play some beach volley ball with him just the two of them and the sand beneath his feet.
Keelin Vettel
Keelin Vettel
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Hufflepuff Sixth Year

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Beach Day (Dagger) Empty Re: Beach Day (Dagger)

Post by Dagger Vettel on Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:06 pm

Dagger decided to meet up with his brother at the beach, it was something that the two needed after all of Dagger's hard exams and all the drama that resulted into him having to dumb his latest conquest. Of course girls got addicted but she was clingy. As he found his brother on the beach he clapped his shoulders before taking a seat next to him.

"How are you doing brother? Ready to go back to Hogwarts?" He asked, even though it was summer vacation.

@Keelin Vettel

Beach Day (Dagger) 48845064931_f5e3517908_o
Thank you so much AJ from Shadowplay for the set!!
Dagger Vettel
Dagger Vettel

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