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Graduation Ceremony

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Graduation Ceremony  Empty Graduation Ceremony

Post by Severus Snape on Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:39 pm

Snape could not believe that an entire school year had passed and that he had survived his first year back as a professor and headmaster. It was time to celebrate the students graduating, as well as the accomplishments of all students through out the term, everyone accomplished something and matured just a little even if they did not realize it. There had been many triumphs as well as many challenges, they had lost a couple professors, however that did not hold a candle to the fact that the world lost a bright star: Mrs. Hermione Granger-Weasley; he got to see how hard it had affected many of the students, especially those in her family.

He had the Hall decked out in all of the house colors as he could not choose a winner this term, and he thought it was time to move past the tradition of the house cup and just celebrate the differences that each house and student brings to the school. Snape looked at the hall once all the decorations were set up and smiled as he hoped everyone would have a good time, as well as the family members who made the journey to see their child graduate, it was the one time that Hogwarts opened up for family and the Express took a special trip to pick them up he couldn't wait to welcome them into the warm and welcoming walls of the school.

He stood on the stage in front of the room as he waited for the graduates to take their seats just in front of the stage and for the rest to sit at their tables. Each graduate was given a special robe; the color of it represented their house: Slytherin robes were emerald green with silver trim, Ravenclaw was royal blue with bronze trim, Gryffindor was scarlet with gold trim and Hufflepuff was bright yellow with black trim. He thought that it was a nice parting gift for them to go along with the seven years of education that the school had supplied to get them to this point of their lives, they were about to enter the world, and he was proud to be a part of their time at Hogwarts, even if it was short time.
Severus Snape
Severus Snape
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Hogwarts Head

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Graduation Ceremony  Empty Re: Graduation Ceremony

Post by Delaney Mistholm on Mon Dec 16, 2019 7:53 am

Delaney was just sitting among some of the students there and waiting for this ceremony to start. The girl didn't really expect her aunt and sister to be here. It's not like she would even care about it. She just wished that this day was over and she can go back to her own things. More likely figure out what to do next.

The girl managed to get basically Outstanding only in Potions somehow but rest classes were just Acceptable. She wasn't really studying for her NEWT's anyway. So she didn't have some bright future after this. So the girl just wished this ceremony to start.

Graduation Ceremony  R5sxQP
Delaney Mistholm
Delaney Mistholm
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Death Eater

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Graduation Ceremony  Empty Re: Graduation Ceremony

Post by Hades Gaunt on Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:54 am

Hades honestly could not believe that his graduation day had finally arrived, yet he was excited to finally get out of the school which in his mind had been his prison for the past seven years. His plans after graduation was to move to live with the muggles, he did not believe that his family values were correct and the only way to get out was to make a drastic decision.

It was clear to him that he was not a purist no matter how much his family wasn't, as he watched the others walk the stage he just could not shake the disappointment his parents will be when he tells them his plans.
Hades Gaunt
Hades Gaunt

Graduation Ceremony  Ruthblank
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Graduation Ceremony  Empty Re: Graduation Ceremony

Post by Cherry Darling on Sun Jan 05, 2020 6:27 pm

Cherry was excited to finally be graduating; she was looking forward to this day since she first stepped in a wizarding school. She spent majority of her school years focused on her academics just so she could make sure she would do well both in and out of school. Soon, she'd be in university. It was strange how quickly time had passed.

It was strange that once this ceremony was over, Cherry and her classmates would be on their separate ways for the most part. Hopefully adulthood treats her well!
Cherry Darling
Cherry Darling
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University Student

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