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Kraylogan Jetson

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Kraylogan Jetson   Empty Kraylogan Jetson

Post by Kraylogan Jetson on Wed Nov 27, 2019 10:48 pm

Kraylogan Jetson   Tumblr_obka6xfNhG1uzg6sbo1_400


Name: Kraylogan Jetson (Formerly Rupert Jetson)
Nicknames: Kray
Date of Birth: August 28, 1971
Age: 49 (looks 20)
Blood Status: Pureblood
Hometown: Bristol, England
Current Home: Any abandoned warehouse
Nationality: British
School: Hogwarts
Sexual Orientation: homosexual
Wand: Springy oak wand. In length, it is ten and one-half inches long. The core consists of kraken beak.


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Shaggy and chin length
Eye Color: grey
Body Type: Slim and muscular
Height: 6'
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: White t-shirt usually blood stained, ripped blue jeans, red converse


Kray is easily angered, he does not like it when anyone disagrees with him, they usually end up dead their bodies tossed in a creek, or just in the woods. He is also cunning, and has come to his current wealth that he has from other peoples backs without them knowing. He is charming and can manage to get himself out trouble with just the blink of an eye. Kray has zero empathy for anyone, he could care less how the girls felt who he had just used for their looks and tossed them away like dirty rag when they did not be useful for him any more. He is impulsive and will not think a lot of times before he takes a victim, he also does not think in most things that he does. He is also very aware of his own looks and can never walk past a mirror without looking in it and admiring his face. With that all being said he really is nothing more than a blood thirsty vampire.


I was turned when I was twenty, at that point I was given my new name Kraylogan, Rupert was no more it was time for me to rise in my new identiy. My father was very proud that I always accepted the vampire ancestry of my family, unlike my lowlife brother who left us and basically disowned his family as soon as he could.

I soon began to be known as a blood thirsty vampire who did not care about the life of my victim, I let my hunger drive me and it usually led me to kill the unwilling and sometimes willing victim. I could not stop usually once my teeth hit the vein and the sweet nectar flowed into my mouth, I will admit that I have drained entire towns and have been on the most wanted list more times then I could count. Frankly I think it is funny how mere mortals think they can keep me behind bars, do they think they could keep me chained or on a short leash, not likely I would be out that very night.

When I was thirty I discovered a new group of vampires, The Circle of the Crone, their power intrigued me and I wanted in, I finally was invited to join five years after my discovery of them. To be frank I could not be happier with my knowledge of their rituals and access to the power that being in the circle has granted me. I have not lost my blood thirst but I am I have learned to keep it a little more in check, and living my best life as far as far as I am concerned at least.
Kraylogan Jetson
Alias : Jules
Posts : 2
Blood Status : Pureblood
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual
Relationship Status : Single
Faction : Circle of the Crone
Face Claim : Skeet Ulrich

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Kraylogan Jetson   Empty Re: Kraylogan Jetson

Post by Cernunnos Largo on Mon Dec 02, 2019 7:58 am


Kraylogan Jetson   Tumblr_nyw5qk4UgD1qc1sb1o5_400Kraylogan Jetson   Tumblr_nyw5qk4UgD1qc1sb1o4_400
take me down and you hold me right spin me all around, i feel so dizzy, i fall into you, you rock me, you rock me, you rock me in
Cernunnos Largo
Slytherin Seventh Year
Alias : Xaria
Goes By : Cernu
Posts : 254
Blood Status : Half-blood
Occupation : student
Sexual Orientation : Homosexual
Relationship Status : Single & Sad
Faction : Neutral
Face Claim : bill kaulitz

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