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Sylvain Bellerose

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Sylvain Bellerose Empty Sylvain Bellerose

Post by Sylvain Bellerose on Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:06 pm

tw: death

Sylvain Bellerose Gettyimages-177981337


Name: Sylvain Bellerose (Birth Name unknown)
Nicknames: Syl
Date of Birth: 28
Age: March 19, 1993
Blood Status: Unknown - assumed half-blood
Hometown: ?
Current Home: Somewhere in England
Nationality: French?
School: Beauxbatons
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Wand: Later


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Longish
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Average
Height: 5'8
Other Distinguishing Features:
Clothing Style: Practical for potions yet stylish


Sylvain could be considered a bit of an enigma despite being very similar to his previously unknown father. He is often clever and resourceful with what he's able to get his hands on in a moment's notice and has a knack for coming up with solutions others won't immediately think of. When Sylvain is really into something, he is the passionate type to where it takes priority over everything else. As a result of his few years in an orphanage, he is often reserved and cold to people he isn't familiar with out of instinct and as a protection method, especially since his husband passed away. Sylvain is skilled in the field of potions and just about anything he could connect to it. He wouldn't describe himself as a romantic unless it was with the right person. Despite finally reaching one of his goals, he always yearns for more.


Unknown. Unknown was how you spent your early years. You were dropped to an orphanage with absolutely no information provided on who you or your parents were. All you came attached with was a note saying Take good care of him. The officials did some testing and determined you were of a common origin: British, English, and whatever was in that area. That hardly did anything to lead to an identity.

Sylvain. That would be your name. The officials chose it for you as they simply felt as if you looked like a Sylvain. You remained nameless. You spent your early years waiting and waiting. You were waiting for a name. You were waiting for a family. To your surprise, that happened earlier than you thought it would. A nice, homely middle-aged French couple were unable to have their own children - even with magical assistance. They already had a couple children, but decided it wouldn't hurt to adopt another one. They fell in love with you at first sight and knew you were the one to join the family.

Then came university where you earned a rather great degree in potioneering. It'd be your luck that you were unable to find a job of any kind in your desired field in France. You wanted to stay in France, so you forced yourself to take a job in a less-than-desirable field: sex work. You swiftly managed to earn yourself a job at a slightly sketchy brothel. You didn't care; you just wanted to survive and have some sort or reliable income that wasn't a more basic job.

Then you met him. The love of your life. A few years older, but you two enjoyed each other's company. You two eventually got married. You finally had a name by choice: Bellerose. Everything was well. Your husband had an excellent job as an auror. You still did your thing as an escort even though the guilt from sleeping with others for money was killing you inside. Unfortunately, as your luck be, your happiness didn't last for long. You got absolutely dreadful news. You were officially a widower. No explanation was given, just simply Your spouse is dead. For a while, you were lost. You just used your job as a distraction.

Suddenly, things began looking up. The best bartender at the brothel quit. In a move of desperation, you ended up being chosen to take the bartender's spot after your boss noticed in your resume your degree in potioneering. The logic was you'd make a good bartender simply because you're competent at potions. Before you knew it, you ended up catching feelings for your boss and ended up sleeping with him. Welp. At least, for the first time since your late husband's death, you felt some sort of happiness.

Then you met Severus Snape at a weed store. Isn't it funny how life goes? You end up majorly impressing him with your potion skills and you were offered the opportunity to be his apprentice. Not wanting to take it for granted, you accepted the offer, packed your bags, and moved to Britain. You began hearing comments from his colleagues about how you're basically Snape in a more attractive form. Why? You two had a similar personality and gift in potioneering. It all tied together when genetic testing was done and you turned out to be his son.

You finally had a family and the life you wanted.
Sylvain Bellerose
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Sylvain Bellerose Empty Re: Sylvain Bellerose

Post by Draco Malfoy on Wed Nov 20, 2019 6:10 pm

Draco Malfoy
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