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watch like twilight ((open))

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watch like twilight ((open)) Empty watch like twilight ((open))

Post by Daphne Cavendish on Sun Nov 17, 2019 1:32 pm

Daphne had been assigned the job of watching corridors to make sure no students were sneaking about, more like a job she assigned for herself. The dance had not at all been her favorite and if she could she’d rather be home with her son or out drinking. Or just causing trouble for her those who she felt had any ounce of happiness.

It was truly tiring.

Having been dressed in a black dress that had been long and her hair styled very neat. She watched the dance and really hoped no student would be in path of her. Because her punishment had been worse than what anyone could imagine. And she didn’t mind torturing some students, but she knew it would cost her job and she was not about that.

To her dismay as she was lost in thoughts, she heard footsteps. Turning the witch gave a smirk. “Going somewhere? Because the dance is that way.” she said pointing in the opposite direction.
Daphne Cavendish
Daphne Cavendish
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Hogwarts Professor

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watch like twilight ((open)) Empty Re: watch like twilight ((open))

Post by Delaney Mistholm on Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:00 pm

Delaney didn't really plan to go to that dance. It wasn't something the girl would really enjoy. She never really liked these dances, first of they were so pointless for the girl. She didn't even bother to dress up and pretend that she will go there. She did wear her most usual clothes what she seems to wear these days more often.

Awhile she decided to go have some fresh air she heard someone ask that if she goes the wrong way now. "Oh, I just wanted to go get some fresh air? Is it that so wrong thing to do? And also those dances aren't really my thing," she said there with a smirk. She didn't care that this person was her professor. Then again Delaney didn't care about such things in her life.

@Daphne Cavendish


watch like twilight ((open)) R5sxQP
Delaney Mistholm
Delaney Mistholm
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