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are you really? (open)

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are you really? (open) Empty are you really? (open)

Post by Theodore Nott on Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:45 am

Theodore stood in the streets on Hogsmeade, looking up at the bright sun that was breaking through the clouds. It was a rare sight for February, but welcomed. He didn't really like the thick cloak he was wearing, so he removed it swiftly and threw it over his forearm.

The way passers by looked at him was just about right. So they should be wary of him.

He watched as a Hogwarts student left Zonko's joke shop with something tucked under their arm. He wished he hadn't seen it, but he had. That meant they had likely stolen it, and he (with authority) should probably intervene.

"You." He said darkly, from behind the student.
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