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never should have come here (open)

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never should have come here (open) Empty never should have come here (open)

Post by Indigo Macmillan on Sun Nov 10, 2019 4:29 am

For Indigo, who had his heart set on the Ministry for the majority of his life, the long hallways and extravagant decor felt strangely cold and intimidating. He often thought about going there as a student or having his first say: the wonder and immense pride would stick out his chest. But currently he looked meek, and kept looking over his shoulder.

Did he really want to work here, in the current climate, after all?

On top of that, he was lost. He was supposed to be at the Obliviator Headquarters, but he found himself down some horrible corridor. Part of him wanted to just run back to the lifts, go to the Atrium, and go home. Although he would never admit to it, he was beginning to feel scared.
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