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a new sad world (open)

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a new sad world (open) Empty a new sad world (open)

Post by Nebula Black on Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:41 am

Nebby was at lost for words when she heard the news of how they legalized Unforgivables, and knew that both her siblings would be thrilled and it meant kids would be torturing students. All this had made the girl extremely nervous, so when classes were done one day she had went up to the library. To see if just maybe she could find some defensive spells against Unforgivables.

She wasn’t about to let the purists in this school get the best of her. That was a hell no she actually valued her life. And would do anything to protect kids. So she entered and began looking for some defensive magic books hoping she wouldn’t be found, because who said what people would be doing now about this.

That would be an interesting conversation.
Nebula Black
Nebula Black
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Gryffindor Seventh Year

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