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An Influencial Muggle Empty An Influencial Muggle

Post by Kenzi Mikeal on Fri Oct 25, 2019 10:17 am

Kenzi is looking for someone to play her morally bankrupt general handyman of illegal things of a dad. He's a guy who absolutely adores his family, but beyond that, he really doesn't care about people beyond how they can benefit him (though there are a couple of family friends that he treats like family at this point). He has a lot of connections in the muggle world, on both sides of the law, and has slowly and steadily been making connections with people on both sides of the law since finding out his daughter was a witch. Other than that, what's he's been doing with himself while his daughter is away at school, and how he expresses this stuff is up to you.
Kenzi Mikeal
Kenzi Mikeal
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Ravenclaw Seventh Year

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