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Don't know but hi (Severus)

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Don't know but hi (Severus) Empty Don't know but hi (Severus)

Post by Samara Dane on Sun Oct 13, 2019 4:20 pm

Samara remembered Snape somewhat, but when it came to her past in Hogwarts she didn't really care or want to remember. She had sent a message of sorts for Snape to meet her at the three broomsticks. She was sipping on her butterbeer while she waited. It was odd for her to get someone that she once thought was hot but then again she was a teenager back then, now she was a woman who loved her fun and was now a Death Eater. Samara drank some more butterbeer.

@Severus Snape

Don't know but hi (Severus) RwGtbd
Thank you so much Alisje from Shadowplay for the set!!
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