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Post by Dagger Vettel on Thu Oct 10, 2019 9:55 pm

Hi everyone!! So Dagger is in need of his younger brother, his younger brother is around 15/16 years old and will most likely be in any house but Slytherin since Dagger and Keelin are two different people with two separate personalities. Keelin is more compassionate when it comes to people and more on the kinder side where Dagger just doesn't give a damn, but even though Dagger is the way he is, Keelin loves his older brother more then anything. They live with their drunken father who shows up with a different prostitute every night since Dagger and Keelin mother was killed along with Keelin's twin sister Kendra. Keelin and Dagger are close even though they're so different. The house pick is up to the handler, I do have a request for Drew Ray Tanner to be the FC of Keelin but it can always be changed if provided with better and different FCS.
- Taken by Jules
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Thank you so much AJ from Shadowplay for the set!!
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