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it's a happy holiday ((molly))

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it's a happy holiday ((molly)) Empty it's a happy holiday ((molly))

Post by Iris Parkinson on Wed Oct 09, 2019 3:52 pm

((Secret Santa))

Upon getting Molly for Secret Santa, Iris decided she was going to have a bit of fun with it, especially with Molly being Head Girl for the term. She sent a little note telling the Head Girl to meet her just outside the castle.

What was the gift she got her? A makeshift corporal punishment paddle she had created from a slab of wood she found near her place in Hogsmeade. The only modifications she made was writing the words Head Girl on it with a very thick marker. It was quite a long paddle.

@Molly Weasley II
Iris Parkinson
Iris Parkinson
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Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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