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old antique clocks (open)

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old antique clocks (open) Empty old antique clocks (open)

Post by Ebba Balewa on Sat Oct 05, 2019 3:10 pm

Ebba found herself wandering in Carkitt Market, a place she was definitely interesting in doing some shopping. She heard from a friend that they sold good clocks and she wanted to see for herself. So she floo to Carikitt and entered. Not many people were in the street and she decided to make her way to Cogg and Bell Clockmakers. Entering the shop, she made her way to the old clocks.

Examining each of the clocks, she was trying to find one that fit good. Only to interrupted by footsteps, and she turned and smiled. ”Are you shopping for clocks too?” asked Ebba before turning back to the clocks.

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Ebba Balewa
Ebba Balewa
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